How to choose your Drupal Agency: the essential criteria!

Creating a website is the result of a long and very complicated process. No step should be overlooked. This is why it is sometimes necessary to call on a competent and professional digital agency. If you are starting a large project, it would be best to use a Drupal agency that you can trust. But how do you choose the best Drupal agency? Here are the criteria to check. If you are starting a large project, it would be best to use a Drupal agency that you can trust. But how do you choose the best Drupal agency?

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a CMS (Open Source) that allows you to develop different web platforms:

  • Web applications;
  • Websites;
  • Extranets/intranets…

The goal of Drupal is to offer more functional and faster modules than those offered by the Framework or the language.

Currently, Drupal is very popular with developers around the world looking to improve their safety. It offers agencies great flexibility in the creation of their projects insofar as they can adapt to all the needs of their clients.

What is the advantage of Drupal?

If developers all turn to Drupal, it is mainly for its many advantages.

Indeed, there are many advantages to using Drupal:

  • It offers several thousand modules that allow great power;
  • It facilitates the administration of users and content via the back office;
  • It offers the possibility of recovery;
  • It allows rapid, reliable and secure development;
  • It ensures the durability of the solution, in particular thanks to its active community;

Drupal is an excellent tool that can be used by different technical profiles. It is recommended for projects requiring a constant evolution.

The market is full of web agencies, but how to choose the one that best suits your project? Here are the criteria to check!

Criterion n°1: expertise

Experience is one of the most important criteria. Certainly, in the digital field in general, it is the skill that matters, but entrusting your project to a team that is taking its first steps in the CMS is not the best idea!

The learning curve for CMS is quite long, so it’s best to determine the level of expertise you’ll need in advance.

In addition, your Drupal agency must succeed in supporting you even after the end of the project to guarantee you a healthy and correct evolution over the years. Among the most expert on the subject we can cite Drupal ITSS agency

Criterion n°2: choose your Drupal agency according to the market

The other criterion to follow is the institutional and cultural environment of the agency (in the field of associations, publishing, media, etc.). If the chosen agency already knows your field, you will have more chances to succeed. How to know? Consult the references of its customers.

PS: this criterion is an additional advantage for you, but it should never be the only criterion on which we base ourselves to choose our Drupal agency!

Criterion n°3: customer reviews

How do we know if a Drupal agency is ideal for our project? By consulting the testimonials of its customers! If the agency’s e-reputation is good, it means that the customers are necessarily satisfied!

In general, agencies make available to their future clients, case studies where they share the opinions and comments of their clients.

Criterion n°4: the Drupal community

Did you know that Drupal has over 100,000 active players ! So if an agency decides to specialize in this area, they should contribute to the Drupal community.