How to check the battery status on my Android mobile – Complete verification

Is your battery not performing as well as it should? We know that this is something that happens very frequently, especially because we charge our mobile in a very inappropriate way, and because we do some actions that can damage the battery directly and we do not realize it. With the passing of the years it is frequent that we see how little by little the battery deterioratesThat is why we have to help extend the useful life of our mobiles.

First of all, we will tell you that you should avoid using thick covers, and avoid heat at all costs when using your mobile. Also if you have suspicions that your battery is working improperly then we recommend that you install an application to check the health of your phone, yes, if you see that your battery is inflated the best thing is that change it immediately.

What are the actions that interfere with the charging capacity of mobile batteries?

mobile battery consumption

Now yes, how to know the real capacity of our battery? It is unfortunate but Android does not have the option to see the status of our battery so it is not possible to know the state of health of it, however there are ways to find out the useful life of our battery and also there are things we should avoid so that our batteries last longer. Next we will say some actions that interfere with the battery capacity of our mobile.

The use of very thick covers

If you are one of the people who use thick cases for your mobile, we must tell you that many times the mobile it will stay very warm, which is good on cold days but will not have a good effect on hot days.

The battery will be receiving a lot of heat, and heat is one of the strongest enemies that batteries have since they shorten their life cycle, it is best to use thin covers, soft rubber without cap. We must look for an option in which the mobile can ‘breathe’.

Sun exposure

I use sun phone

This is also a very serious error, since higher temperatures have a greater possibility of damaging the battery, since as we have said heat is one of the main enemies of the battery, if it is summer you should avoid that the phone receives a lot of heat, it is best to be in less hot environments.

Let the battery drop to less than 30%

Mainly because when you let the battery charge drop a lot there is greater difficulty when starting to charge, because it will be difficult electron return start, and it will generate more heat in the procedure, which undoubtedly affects the battery.

Charging is another process where a lot of heat is generated and limits the useful life of the battery, it is recommended that you recharge the mobile when is close to 30% since it is ideal so that the mobile does not get so hot. In the same way, nothing happens if at some point your mobile is downloaded to less than 30%, just do not make it a daily act.

Connect the device to electricity overnight

iphone charging night

This is something that creates a lot of debate among all users, because it really does not affect the battery as such because after reaching 100% the battery will not overload, however, at the moment heat is generated and this as we said affects the mobile, you should also know that It is also not convenient to charge our mobile to 100%. It is best that you unplug it from the socket before going to sleep.

How can you check the good or bad condition of your battery?

There are different ways to do it, the easiest way but the least ‘efficient’ because it will not give you such accurate information is to find out the status of our battery through commands, to do so just type this command: ‘* # * # 4636 # * # * ‘ and then wait a few seconds to access, Here you access the test menu where you can see the health of the battery, but you can also do it through applications.

battery phone applications

One piece of information that we have to tell you is that the battery of our mobile should withstand between 2000-3000 charge cycles, but from cycle 500 it will start to wear out, so if you want to find out how the battery charge cycles are, you will have to resort to an application, we will recommend two of the best that will provide us with this information, the first is called ‘AccuBattery’ which is an application that you can download from the Play Store, it is free and provides us with the data we need about the battery.

Another application that we also recommend for your Android mobile will be Ampere, It is reliable and easy to use, once you enter you will be able to get an idea of ​​the status of your battery, you will only have to look at ‘Health’ and check the information.

What can you do to improve its performance?

If you want improve the quality of operation of your mobile and make it last longer, then you will have to improve some aspects in terms of actions that you do daily with your mobile, you should not charge the battery to 100% and you should never let it drop below 20%. Next we will tell you some ‘Tips’ to improve the functioning of your mobile:

original charger phone

  1. Turn off your mobile when you are not using it.
  2. Charge your mobile once a day.
  3. Do not put your phone in the sun, and if you can avoid using it for a long time in very high temperature climate, it will be better.
  4. Use the official chargers to charge your mobile.
  5. Do not carry the mobile in your pockets for a long time, as this is part of the heat generation. If you need to carry it in a pocket better use your jacketas it is further away from your body temperature.
  6. Learn how to reduce the consumption of the Android screen.