How to change your password within Wallapop to prevent them from entering your account

In view of the fact that Wallapop is an application that continues to grow, today we want to guide you in terms of security. Everything you need to know about how to change your password and the correct way to do it we will teach you throughout the article, so do not miss the best information.

What requirements do you need to change your password on this site?

The main requirement to change your password in Wallapop is have an email since it is to this where the new password will arrive that will be sent by the application.

This step is important if the session has been closed and you do not have access to it, if on the contrary you have the session still open on the website You will not need any other procedure other than changing the password directly. If you completely do not remember the password to change it, then as a requirement you only have to close the Wallapop session.

How is the password changed within Wallapop?

How is the password changed within wallapop?

For change password within Wallapop, In other words, with the session still open, you just have to follow the steps shown below.

  • Enter your username from the web page, remember that this is only if your session is kept open automatically.
  • Go to the option that says My Zone in the upper left and select it. This will open your profile options.
  • In the new window located in the middle of the screen you will select the tab that says Account.
  • Once there, you will go down the entire page to where it says Account Information. You will see your Email and below your password covered with asterisk.
  • On the left side of the password you will find a small arrow that you must select, when doing so, a new box will appear with the option to update your password. Fill in the requirements and then click Update and you’re done.

What to do to change your password in Wallapop if you have not received the confirmation email?

Unfortunately, the only option to be able to change the password and log in is through the mail sent by the application. If you have tried to update the password and you do not get the Wallapop message in your email, we recommend that look for it in the spam tray where it is safely stored.

Remember that to create an account in Wallapop you need an email, so when you request the code sent to the email it must be the same one with which you registered, be sure to enter it when requested.

change your password in wallapop

How to change the password on this site if you forgot the current password?

If you have forgotten your password and there is definitely no way to remember it, the only option you have is to log out. All this procedure you have to do from the website.

  • Within the web page, press My Zone and then the My profile option.
  • On the left side and at the top you will find the option to Close Session, select it and that’s it.
  • Now the page will reload and to enter it will ask for your username and password.
  • Write your username and select the option I forgot my password, which will be located below the box from which you should put your original password.
  • Wallapop will ask you for the email address to which to send the new password. Remember that the email you have to add is the one with which you opened the account at the beginning.
  • Wallapop will send the new password to that email, if it does not get it in the main tray, place it in the Spam tray. This password will allow you to enter the application again but then you will have to change it to make your account more secure.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that the new password must be different the one you had and to avoid forgetting it, try to write down the password in a notebook or on the PC since some users have stated that sometimes the email from Wallapop does not arrive quickly, so you will not be able to enter your account in a immediate.

change password in wallapop

If your browser tends to save passwords then we recommend that you look for them and delete the one from the Wallapop page in order for the new one to be added.