How to change your hard drive dump in Windows 11? – Memory types

A dump of your hard drive or memory refers to the internal state of any program, either per user or in the kernel of an operating system. This internal state contains the registers of the processor, in this case those of Windows 11 and some parts of memory addresses such as codes, data and stack.

The classification of these memory dumps depends first on the type of information that is captured and second on the extent of that information; Thus, you can have dumps of an application or system and also smaller dumps only of the center of the operating system. Here we will tell you how to change your hard drive dump on Windows 11 whenever you want.

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What causes you to have memory dump errors on your PC?

The memory dump occurs when the system crashes and the black screen jumps, this is what happens in Windows 11, this occurs when trying to clean a program, an unstructured memory registry, is closes unexpectedly, causing the error.

There are several causes that can cause this error in the dump your memory on your PC. Among the most common are: that the applications are incompatible, it usually happens in new systems such as Windows 11, also the incompatibility of the software with the system and finally, the presence of error in the peripheral drivers.

New operating systems

Considering the causes of a memory dump, one of the most prominent is the incompatibility of incompatibility of operating systems, which is very common in the case of Windows 11 because it is that newer operating system, which is why errors of this type must be solved by trained personnel in such a way as to generate a solution and not to aggravate or aggravates the problem.

However, at first and avoiding greater evils, it is best to shut down the computer and start Windows to uninstall any card that has been tried to introduce and that is determined not to be compatible with the operating system, until new cards are obtained that are compatible with the operating system to be used.

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Peripheral controller errors

When installing the operating system it works correctly and the failure or error occurs when inserting a card, either audio, video or network; You must immediately turn off the computer, remove the inserted card and start Windows again, you will see how Windows starts without problems, being shown that the reason for the error is not the system but peripheral drivers.

In this case, we proceed to immediately uninstall all the drivers that affected the system and start the search for new drivers that do. have system compatibility so that the necessary cards can be installed once again.

What are all the types of dumps out there and which one should you choose?

There are several and different types of dumps that exist and to which we have access, here we will detail five:

  • Complete memory dump, this is in charge of recording everything that the operating system memory contains, in case an error, failure or crash occurs unexpectedly, in order to have this type of dump, a physical RAM memory of more is necessary 1MB, so it is only available on 64-bit machines.
  • Core or kernel memory dump, this type of memory dump manages to register only the kernel memory, which allows perfecting the recording of the information of a register at the moment of the crash, a sufficient file is required to cover the space to the kernel memory.
  • Small memory dumpAs the name implies it is a type of dump that uses much smaller chunks of the data and information at the time of the crash or crash process, it needs a file of at least 2MB at startup.

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  • Automatic memory dump, also as its name implies, it is the same system that automatically decides the size of the paging file, which is usually less than the size and consumption of RAM memory available, this type of dump is one of the most common that exist.
  • Active memory dump, this dump was introduced in Windows 10 and is in charge of filtering all those elements that are considered non-essential, as they are the ones that could cause the computer to crash; It is ideal for virtual machines and Hyper V host systems.

As for which of the memory dumps useThis will depend on the equipment you have, the operating system and the peripheral drivers that you need to introduce into your PC, as you must select the one that best suits your needs and best suits your technological needs.

How to activate a diagnostic to check compatibility?

Many Windows 11 customers want to evaluate the Eligibility of your update processesTaking into account that this is the case in Windows 10, for this the best option is the Configuration> Update & Security application, since for Windows 11, by pressing a button it is possible to verify how suitable the update is for that operating system.

However, it would be best to wait until Windows Update report that Windows 11 update It is ready for your computer and to be able to have greater confidence in that Update Eligibility diagnosis, avoiding unexpected crashes and crashes.