How to change your bank information in Wallapop? – Manage your Wallapay

Wallapop has become a second-hand online store famous in Spain, the company that has been founded since 2013 offers a service for buying and selling second-hand items that are in very good condition to be reused.

By becoming such a useful platform, it offers more and more improved services and in this case it has brought to light a new way of paying which they called The purse. Previously the means of payment were through Paypal and Credit Card, now having a new option there is more versatility. Don’t you know about this new function yet? Do not worry, we bring you all the information regarding this issue and at the end of the insurance article you will be able to use it fully and without problem The Wallapop Purse.

How does the Wallapop wallet work?

Wallapop’s new strategy when creating The Virtual Wallet is facilitate the purchase and sale of items, in addition to avoiding the tedious process of using an external account when paying.

The Wallapop Purse works like a virtual walletWhen you make a sale, the money goes immediately to your personal account in the application and there it will accumulate with the other sales you make.

When you want to make a purchase you will only have to use the money you have collected in the application, specifically in Your Wallapop Wallet to pay, without using your credit card or Paypal account.

How does the wallapop purse work?

If, on the other hand, what you want is to withdraw the money you have accumulated, you just have to transfer it to your bank account and you will already have it physically. Make sure you have your data and username personalized in the application.

How can you collect your sales at Wallapop?

When a sale is made by Wallapop the order is sent to the user, this you will have 48 hours to verify it, make sure everything is fine or otherwise ask for a free return.

After 48 hours have passed and the buyer is satisfied, the sale is terminated and Wallapop takes care of direct money to bank account or to the seller’s purse.

Is You need to have a bank account associated with your profile because otherwise Wallapop will not have a place to deposit your money. To set up a bank account, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Wallapop app.
  • Select the 3 horizontal lines and then click where it says Shipping.
  • Go now to the option that says Bank data and there you must fill in all the information they request.
  • To verify, go to Shipping and if there is one in process, it will show you what state it is in. Wallapop will take a few days to transfer your money.

If you have made some sales it is prudent to constantly check the status of your account to verify that you have received the moneyOtherwise you will have to perform the steps above.

collect your sales in wallapop

What to do to change your bank account registered in the app?

If you have updated your bank details and want to add them to your Wallapop portfolio, you will have to delete the ones you previously had.

  • Open the Wallapop application, download it if you don’t have it and select the smiley face which is in the lower right with the name YOU.
  • Locate the option that says Wallet and click it.
  • Already within the tab you must select the option Bank data. When you press that option you will see others that say Credit Card or Bank Account.
  • When you select an option, you will have to click on the 3 vertical dots that will appear on the right side of the bank account or the image of the credit card, then select Delete.
  • Enter the new bank details.

What should you do if your old bank card still appears?

Changing bank details is usually a quick process, Wallapop takes care of have the application updated for when users carry out these types of transactions. However, there may be a bug that makes the application keep your old data from continuing to appear so the solution now is different; in these cases the best will be contact Wallapop service.

How to contact the Wallapop service?

Contacting Wallapop can be impossible if done the wrong way. On your social networks like Twitter has the DMs disabled, emails are almost never answered and they do not have a valid phone number to call.

your old bank card keeps showing up in wallapop

However, the entire solution is in the same application. You just have to follow these simple steps that we now show you.

  • Open the Wallapop application, enter your profile by selecting the smiley in the lower right corner.
  • Locate the option that says Help and then select Ongoing Consultation.
  • Now select the New Chat option. Here you must write the whole problem that you are presenting, you must do it in a detailed and educated way.
  • Now select the logo in the form of a clip that appears next to the ad that says New Chat.
  • Add a photo of your ID front and back so that your identification is attached.
  • Send the message and wait a couple of days with the solution of your problem.

How can you completely delete your card information at Wallapay?

Deleting bank details or specifically your card details is easy. First open the Wallapop application and enter your profile, press the 3 lines and click where it says Wallet – Bank Information – Credit Card.

Already within the option you have to select the 3 vertical points that appear on the card image, choose the delete option and voila, your card data will be deleted.

This step is important to carry out in case at any time you decide to delete your Wallapop account, first delete your bank details.