How to change the registered email in Nintendo Switch OLED – Configure your access

If you don’t have your own account yet and you’re missing a lot of the fun that your Nintendo Switch OLED containsHere I explain how to change the email you already have registered and how to configure it if you lost access due to forgetting your email or password and you want to reactivate that account.

Where can you see the email you registered on your Nintendo Switch OLED?

Locate the word Home in the console menu and select the icon where your user is, there you select ‘User Settings’ and immediately ‘Check the Nintendo account settings’, enter your password as soon as you request it and immediately you will be able to see the email that you associated with your Nintendo account.

nintendo switch console controls

What is the procedure to change the email on your Nintendo Switch OLED account?

If what you need is to change the email that you have associated with your Nintendo Switch OLED account, I will indicate the step by step that you should follow, the first thing is to enter where you will log in to your Nintendo user.

Once you have logged in, you must select the option ‘User information’ and then start scrolling to the section called ‘Email’, click on Change and then on Send, which will generate a code to confirm the email address you have on file with your Nintendo Account.

nintendo avatar account settings

Once you have received the code, you enter it and click Send. At that moment the option is enabled to enter the new e-mail adress you want to associate with your Nintendo Account. Click Send again and again they will send you a confirmation code for that new email you entered.

You enter that new code sent, as a confirmation signal that it is correct the new email address that you are associating. Click Submit so that all the changes made are saved. In this very fast way you will have already managed to change the email address you had.

What should you do to regain access to your account if you forgot your email and password?

It is really a big problem when you have forgotten the email and password to access your account on Nintendo Switch OLED, but fortunately there is a way to solve this problem and keep enjoying your team without any novelty or failure.

In the case of having forgotten your password, you must be aware of whether you created it with an account of your social networks, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple or any other and you simply have to go to that social network with which you logged into your Nintendo Account and look on its help page what to do to change the password, and there it will allow you to create a new access password.

Another of the simplest options yet, and that is a service only offered by your Nintendo account, is to click on ‘Have you forgotten your password?’, an option that you get on the login page of your session and where it allows you to reset the password you forgot and create a new one. Now, if, on the other hand, you remember the password you used but not the email address, you have the option of consulting that address that you associated with your Nintendo account, from the console of your Nintendo Switch.

How can you change user accounts on your Nintendo Switch OLED?

Knowing that you can create up to eight user accounts on your Nintendo Switch console, you should know that you can link any user account at any time you want once they are created, by doing this you will have available all the online features offered by your Nintendo Switch console.

Therefore, changing the user account on your Nintendo Switch OLED deserves follow some instructions, such as: select the Configuration option in the console, scroll down and point to Users and then select Register a user. Click Next and look for the icon that you want to have associated with the new account you intend to enter.

nintendo home screen account

In this section, you have the possibility to search in More options and power choose characters and backgrounds as an additional function, it also allows you to add a Mii that you can create yourself instead of placing a clip art image.

Once the character has been selected, you must enter a nickname of your preference, which will be seen by other players, so it is recommended that do not include personal data. It is good that you know that you can change that nickname whenever you want, click OK to confirm the process and thus be able to link a new user account to change the one you had.