How to change the ‘Region’ of my Nintendo Switch OLED? – Advanced settings

The Nintendo Switch OLED It is an improved version of your current Nintendo console that has already sold more than 100 million units worldwide. In this article we want to talk to you specifically about one of its advanced configuration settings, how is that of change your Nintendo Region, because surely you have asked yourself:

Can I change the Region for another that is not the one that corresponds to me? How does changing Region benefit me? Are there any considerations I need to keep in mind when making the switch? We invite you to discover the answers to these questions.

What happens when the region is changed on a Nintendo Switch OLED?

By changing the Region in your Nintendo Switch OLED account, you will access the Nintendo eShop for that country or region when you come back to start the app on the Nintendo Switch. With this change you get benefits of offers and discounts in the eShop that is available for that region or country, since Nintendo Switch is region free, that is, it does not matter the country where we buy physically or digitally, the game will work perfectly in our console.

nintendo switch console selection games

As you may already know, there are video games that can be downloaded and others not because they do not come out in all countries and this is the only way to get them and also depending on the country and the currency exchange, an edition abroad could be much cheaper and thus be able to benefit from these offers and discounts.

It is important to note that the balance of your account Nintendo eShop is not transferable between regions, that is, if you have $ 100 in your US region account, you cannot use that balance in your Europe region account. Another consideration to keep in mind is credit cards from one region will not work in another.

How can you access the settings of your Nintendo Switch OLED console?

When you turn on your Nintendo Switch console, we go to the HOME Menu and then select the icon ‘console settings’, which is at the bottom of the screen and is shaped like a gear. The menu that you can get at this link includes Health and Safety Help, Screen Brightness, Parental Control, Internet, TV settings, or changing the Console Language, among others, being able to modify each one of them and adapting them to your convenience .

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What is the procedure to modify your region on Nintendo Switch OLED?

When entering console settings, here we will go down to the Console section, we look in the right panel for ‘Region’ and we select the region that we want to configure, whether it is our own or another to which we want to access in order to download or buy a game or application.

When choosing the Region the console will ask us reboot the device to be able to save the changes made. It should be noted that when changing region in the eShop, your balance must be zero, on the contrary, you will not be able to make the change and it may throw you an error.

How can you configure your Nintendo Switch OLED if you have changed the region?

First of all, the settings in the Nintendo eShop of your console must always correspond to the country or region from your Nintendo Switch OLED account, that is, if you are from Spain you will have to be in the European region, if you are in the US you will have to be in the US Region of America.

It is mandatory that you accept the Nintendo contract agreements and the privacy policies of the country of change so that you can access all offers that may be offered, if not, do not make the change. So that you are sure before making the change we will tell you what are the countries where eShop is available: in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

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How to go back to your original region if the apps are ‘Not available in your region’?

The Nintendo Switch OLED, as we have already said, has its own store, which allows us to buy games or download them for free and download applications to use them on our console, now it is possible to find different problems, among which is ‘They are not available in your region’. This is because there are countries, especially Latin Americans that do not have an eShop or there are restrictions that prevent you from accessing certain games or applications, so we must change the region.

That said, enter by logging in with your email in your Nintendo account, once you enter you will see in your user information profile that is the country / region, you change it for one that has an eShop, you save the changes accepting the policies and the next time you log in to your console, your new region will appear.