How to change the password on Nintendo Switch OLED of your console or your account?

If it bothers you that your Nintendo Switch console has been used without your permission and you wonder what to do in this case, and more importantly, how could we solve this problem? The simplest solution is to change the password. But where to start? This is the best place to find the answers to these questions, in this topic you will discover how to change the password of your Nintendo Switch both on your console and on your account.

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Is there a way to access your console without a password?

No. Since at the moment this password function does not exist, but as technology advances every day, perhaps this team (Nintendo) is one of those that add this function in the future. At the moment there is an option such as parental control which protects your console. This has a code that cannot be entered without it, it is closely related to all the options and is the safest thing that can be offered at the moment

How do you change your Nintendo Account password?

To carry this out, you must bear in mind that you game console must be linked With the Nintendio Switch parental control app on a smart device, the change can only be made through it. Later you go to configure, in configuration the console option in the HOME menu, then you select parental control and settings.

Then you enter your password and if you do not remember it you will have to reset data, you select change password, you enter it with a series of codes between 4 to 8 digits and then you choose to accept by security, you enter it again and the whole process is ready. Apart from being able to change your access code whenever you want and not expose your Nintendo equipment, it can help you configure your console to work faster and thus avoid that when using it it is slow. This will save you time and is very effective.

From where can you add or remove a password to your team?

This option goes along with others, in the parental control of your computer you can disable not only your passwords but also other data on your console. To do so, we go to console configuration, press parental control, enter your password and click on the reset button (X) to deactivate the password and parental control data that you will have selected beforehand, then click on accept and you will be ready, you can return to the console settings.

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Another option is to install a Mobile Switch Parental Control App from where you can also create a PIN and in this way no one will try to log in without entering your password. These are several options that may work for you until there is official support for Nintendo Switch consoles. Other options that Nintendo offers you is to free up space on your console and thus not wait for your team to tell you ‘Free up Space’ because we know how frustrating this message can be while we use the equipment.

How can you recover your password if you forgot your data?

Resetting your own data. Doing it is very easy and nothing complicated, you just have to go to the Forgot my password option and factory data that you will find in the console configuration, because you lost your data or forgot them, your security questions surely, Nintendo offers you the option of requesting the sending of a new manufactured password that will be sent to the email that is registered in your team. With this code you can recover your access and create a password that is to your liking.

Nintendo Switch apart from being the best version of the current console that exists, offers you a lot of help in this aspect, even not remembering personal data Like the email you entered when you started your session, you find ways to regain that access. Whatever problem you are going through with your team at the moment, you can count on easy but very effective help at any time.

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What can you do to enter the console if you forgot the parental control data?

Do not give up everything for lost, since the Nintendo web platform offers you some options that may be useful to regain your access and thus not lose your personal data. Before the parental control profile, we find an icon with the option ‘Reset Factory Data’, before you will have had to make a backup copy of your most important files and documents, this is the fastest option to remove this annoying problem and not waste time in enjoying your games.

If you do not remember any of your data and have not backed up your files, there will be no other option than reset DEFINITIVE factory data without the option to recover your personal data and progress that you have managed to obtain so far.

It is always recommended and very important to have backup copies of files, personal data and other documents, as well as save your what you have managed to achieve in games so far, since if you present a problem like this you will have to start everything from scratch