How to change the password of ‘League of Legends Wild Rift’ – Personalization

Who are fans of the video game League of Legends Wild Rift, surely you already know tricks with which you can not only deactivate notifications, but also acquire benefits such as complete customization to prevent third parties from entering the game without your authorization and lowering your performance, for this it is ideal to use the username and password.

The page does not have a set time in which it forces you to change your password. However, you can modify it to your liking both for reasons such as that you have been forgetting the one you have or no longer remember it at all.

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Where can you find your League of Legends Wild Rift login details?

If you have recently downloaded the game, you may find it somewhat cumbersome how the data access works. We go by partsTo find your data in the system, you must register with the data requested at the start of the game, which will allow you to enter any other number of times. If for any reason you are concerned about how this data is found, you should know that it is stored within the game and from there you will find it.

league change password customization

In case you have forgotten your username or data such as game history, you can request to the game support A report is passed to you where data such as the phone number, reports of the activity in the chat, changes in the account and any type of transaction that you have made on those days will be included. It is preferable that you access from the video game’s web portal to make this type of request.

What is the procedure to change the password to access your game?

If you are forgetting your password or if you are one of those who prefer to change them from time to time, the only thing you should keep in mind is that you do not have your username in mind. So before changing it, you must select the reason why you are looking to change it because the cases that we are going to teach you have different processes. These cases are:

legends change password customization

When by security you decide to make the change, this keeping in mind the username and the previous password of your LOL account. You must start the session in the game, enter your username at the top, displaying the options go to settings, once done go to the account section, there place the current password then you can enter the new alphanumeric password that you have in mind with at least 8 characters.

If have you forgotten your password, you must go to the section as if you were going to start the session normally and click on the question in case you have forgotten it. In the new division select the same reason, they will send you either a new password generated by the system to your email and that you can change later with the process that we have indicated in the previous paragraph, it can even remind you of your username.

How can you tell if your password has been changed correctly?

The most efficient way to find out if you have set your password is through the new entry to the game. Well, at the moment of starting the session you must place the new one and thus you will be able to access, if you do not enter you can place the previous one to see if the process has not been carried out correctly.

Simultaneously, another of the ways in which you can confirm the change is when you modify the password from settings, as you an ad will appear at the top where it notifies you of the success of your action.

How can you change the other login details for your League of Legends Wild Rift account?

There is another type of data with which you ensure your entry to the game and that you can modify to avoid problems when opening the League of Legends game, this because they are requested when you have forgotten the password and will avoid long processes to restore your account how to make the request to the support or, failing that, see yourself in obligation to create a new account.

So the data that you can change to access League of Legends Wild Rift are the following:


The username is the identification with which you enter the game, so you must be careful because once you modify it, this will be how you identify yourself when the user is requested, the steps are simple to follow Do the following:

  1. From any of your device be it iOS or Android, enter the game.
  2. Enter your profile in the upper right, once you have started lol.
  3. Locate the settings button by displaying a new list.
  4. Look for the account settings section, there you must look in the central part you will see the button that corresponds to account management.
  5. In the new box, you will see your username, there you can change it to a new one that, as you can imagine, cannot be previously registered.
  6. At the bottom you must select save, to record all changes.

Registered email and phone

Other data with which you can make changes at any time, are those corresponding to the email and phone number registered in the game. If you have never made these modifications you have the option to do any of the following processes:

If what you want is change mail From the beginning of your session, click on your profile, after having verified your identity. Look for the specific section of personal information, there place the new email and select to save the changes. When you have done this, the new one will surely have been registered.

When you want to modify Your cell phone numberYou have to take into consideration that you must go through the same verification process, once you get to the personal information and with the data that is visible you can make the respective changes, be careful when making them because these changes are a bit complicated do them every time you need it.