How to change the language settings on my Instagram – Detailed explanation

It is clear that this application is one of the greatest options to be able to carry out a wide variety of functions such as publishing your content, selling products, meeting new people and sending messages to the DM. Therefore, the language we understand must be correctly configured to improve its use.

Specifically, when we download this app it has a different language than the one we know and that causes us different annoyances, since we do not understand anything. For this reason, we ask ourselves how to change the language settings? Next, we will explain the correct process.

What steps should you take to change the language in your Instagram account?

It is common for this app to be in a different language, causing different tools are complicated that we want to apply how to activate the filters for your stories, and that we do not understand its sections. However, this offers us the option of being able to change it to the desired language, where the languages ​​it has are English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese and many more. It is worth mentioning that the process to change the language is completely different for each device, so you must know how to adjust it depends on each one.

From your Android or iOS mobile

You need to have the Instagram app officially installed. Then, we enter the app and go to the section of our profile, in that area we will click on the three stripes icon, then among these options we will select the ‘Settings’, once inside the list we enter the option ‘ Account’ and there you will see the ‘Language’ option. Now, you must select this option to be able to view all the languages ​​and we will only press on the desired language, wait for the application to load and that’s it.

change language on instagram

To do it from iOS, the process it is completely similar where we only have to access your account and there you must click on the button with horizontal stripes. Then, pressing will open a menu where we must select the ‘Settings’ to later enter the ‘Account’ section. Then, you will see the ‘Language’ option when you do so, the app will tell you to choose the desired language where you will only have to press it to later press the ‘Modify’ button.

With your Windows PC or Mac

For change the language from our Mac computer or Windows, the steps are the same. However, this function is hidden and cannot be seen at first glance, so to find it we must enter our account with the password and username, from your favorite browser. Now, click on the icon with your profile picture, where we must click on the option that says ‘Edit profile’, in this menu we will get a wide variety of tools.

language settings on instagram

But none of those we will use, but we have to look at the bottom of the entire menu, the options that are outside and in this we will find the ‘Language’. Then, we will only click on it so that the wide variety of languages ​​appears and we only have to click on the desired one.

Why can’t you change the language on your Instagram and how can you fix it?

When you have configured the desired language in order to be able to interact with your followers through the stories. You probably realized that the wrong language still appears and the configuration was not done correctly, this is an error that can happen due to different problems, however, they are easy to fix.

unstable internet

This error is common in any situation, so when we change the configuration we just have to press the desired option and wait for the app to load and add it. However, at this time it may happen that your internet is unstable and can not load the application correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to restart your internet and redo the setup.

Free cache

If you have already applied the previous option and the language is still not changed, you will have to apply stronger measures, such as freeing the cache. Specifically, to achieve this you need to enter the cell phone settings and in this area look for the ‘Applications’ option in the list we will select ‘Instagram’.

instagram account settings

Now in this new section we will observe all the information about the app and in this area we will press the ‘Storage’ option to finally press the ‘Delete cache’ button. On the other hand, in the case of iOS this option is not offered and the only thing you have to do is uninstall the application to later reinstall it.