How to change Outlook folder names from English to French

You have surely installed your Outlook 2019 version or even Outlook from Office 365. However you will notice that sometimes the name of your files is in English.

Indeed names like “inbox” “sent items” is displayed in the language of Shakespeare either “Inbox” or even “Sent”

Fortunately there is a little manipulation to translate the files and therefore display them in French!

Why does Outlook display folders in English?

Most of the time when you install Microsoft 365 and therefore Outlook your mailbox will be in English. I noticed that if the user did not connect in Webmail AND did not choose the French time zone, then the names of the folders are not displayed correctly.

The first step is to connect in Webmail to your Office account via this link:

outlook owa settings
Show all Outlook settings

Then in General you must check that the language and time are in French:

Outlook time language
Here is the setting in French.

If the configuration is correct we can go to the next step.

Sometimes during mailbox migrations (for example Zimbra to Office 365 / Exchange or Imap to Office 365 / Exchange) Outlook remembers the name of the folders in English.

Reconfigure the name of Outlook folders

For translate Outlook folders from English to French you just have to enter the following command in the window Execute.

Make the key combination Windows + R and enter the following command:

outlook resetfoldernames
The following command is used to change the language of Outlook folders
outlook.exe /resetfoldernames

Your Outlook email software starts with French folders. Logically you should no longer have some files in English and others in French.

The command works for versions Outlook 2010 to 2019 and Office 365.

Well done, you have solved the problem with English files on your Outlook fat client!

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