How to change or modify the language in the Zoom app easily and quickly

Previously, we must talk about the Zoom app, being one of the best alternatives to be able to make calls or give virtual classes. Depending on where we are you can change the language in the Zoom appin order to have a better conversation with the person as well, people are required.

If we are going to need Zoom, but we realize that when we install it on our computer or Tablet and it is in another language. The need to hold work meetings or group video calls really drove the creation of this new platform.

But, since it is handled in any part of the world, we must take into account the importance of its language in the configuration.

Procedure to adjust, change or modify the language in the Zoom App:

We must know how to adjust the language in order to be able to use in the best way said tool that the program has, and thus be able to understand it much better, therefore if use Zoom from a Windows computer you should do these steps:

  1. Open Zoom and in the main window, you can see what version you have.
  2. Having Zoom properly open, it is not necessary to access the account.
  3. Let’s go to the taskbar and on the arrow icon The Zoom icon should appear.
  4. Right click on it, being able to observe a variety of options.
  5. Using it for the title Switch languages, which in Spanish would be to change the language, a section will open with the available languages, the one to be used is selected.

Language App Zoom

Zoom has different languages, not only Spanish or English, although these are the ones used, we really must bear in mind that we will choose the language that makes it much easier for us to handle it.

How to configure Zoom?

This wonderful app is changing our lives, since by this means we can create video conference rooms, you can change the language in the Zoom appbetween few people or many that depends on the topic of the meeting.

being bliss application very similar to Skypewith the issue of the pandemic, we are looking more for the connection through this route, being easy as well as very simple to use.

configure Zoom

  1. What we must do is download the Zoom app in the Play Store.
  2. Download and then open it.
  3. After installed, 2 options will appear at the bottom that say, enter and register, taking the option to register, placing the email, they will send a confirmation to the emailby confirming it, the application can now be used.
  4. Enter enter the email, as the password that was placed when registering.
  5. After entering, a figure of a camera will appear that says new meeting.
  6. Whether wants to enter with audio and video, Both can be left on.
  7. Or in the case that only audio is wanted, the preferred one is activated.
  8. To then start a meeting in this way, visualize the front camera very well.
  9. And if what you want to close the audio, it is only given to the lower left, and thus the audio is deactivated,
  10. Likewise, for the video, the button below is given to deactivate it.

How to put the Zoom language in Spanish?

It is important the change zoom language on laptopsince the language will depend on the country where you are, you must have it up to date so that you do not have any inconvenience when making a video call.

  1. When you are in the application and everything appears in English, what you should do is close the application completely.
  2. Go to the bottom of the corner, on the taskbar, by clicking on that little arrow.
  3. to go to Zoom icon with mouse and right buttonwe go to where it says Language.
  4. Then give it Spanish and then click on it, the application opens again.
  5. We enter our email as our password and enter.

It’s that easy after having the entire menu in English, having it in Spanish. In a fast and reliable way, we can have the best communication by Zoom.