How to cast your PC screen using Chromecast? – Simple Steps

One of the most implemented devices today is the Chromecast because it gives us many interesting benefits and functions. For this reason, we must make the most of it on any of our devices, where it is necessary to ask ourselves: How observe your computer screen on our television using Chromecast? For this reason, below we will tell you how to achieve it and also what are the steps you must follow.

What do you need to extend your PC screen using a Chromecast device?

The Chromecast is a device of a small and comfortable size that we connect directly to the television. Specifically, this allows us to share any type of content that is on our phone, computer or tablet and that it is display on the screen. Also, it provides a remote control that you must learn to use so that you can enjoy without having to get out of bed.

cast pc on chromecast

It is clear that in order to start transmitting what we see on the computer to the television need to have different requirements for get It.

A Chromecast device or TV with Chromecast built-in

One of the things that we clearly need is with a Chromecast device or using a television with Chromecast. It is worth mentioning that new intelligent alternatives are increasingly being observed which have more functions for your entertainment, therefore, current televisions They have built-in Chromecast. For its part, thanks to this it is not necessary to use auxiliary options where you can check if the TV you have provides you with this function and if not, simply use the device.

A PC that meets the minimum system requirements

It is worth mentioning that no great requirements are really needed in the case of Hardware to enjoy the content comfortably. However, in the case of watching videos from a specific window, it is necessary that your PC meet some minimum requirements so that it is processed in the best way.

For this reason, if you use Windows, it is best to have version 7 onwards and in the minimum requirements, the most useful thing is to have a Core i3 processor or equivalent to it. Likewise, if you want to meet the highest requirement, it is best to have a second generation Core i5 Processor or equivalent, where what you should do is check what type of processor your PC has.

cast content from pc to chromecast

On the other hand, if you use Apple you must have OS X 10.9 or later and the minimum requirements are to have a 2010 MacBook Pro. Also, to improve your experience the most current guidelines they are those of having a MacBook Pro 2011 or later.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network

Essentially, the most important factor that we cannot miss is having a correct connection. Therefore, when we lack it we will not be able to carry out the process in any way, so it is necessary that we configure our devices so that our computer as the Chromecast, have the same network. In this case, if you have a different connection you will have to connect another WIFI network.

What is the type of content to share when mirroring PC screen on Chromecast?

Actually, the content that this allows us to make is quite extensive where it can mainly be mentioned that it allows us to listen to music. Also, watch movies from any streaming media, watch YouTube videos and view recipes while cooking. Clearly, it also allows us to share a browser’s search page and all what we run on the PC screen.

stream pc screen

Now to do it just connect the Chromecast, then go to your PC and access the Chrome browser where you must click on the points that are in the upper bar. Later, when displaying the configurations, click on the ‘Send’ option where it will direct us to a new tab where we select the Chromecast device. Later, we can choose whether to send only the tab or the desktop to press the Share button.

How can you mirror the screen of other devices using Chromecast?

In addition to the computer we can also use other devices to use this device. Thus, it is common to connect it with our phone and to do so we must follow different steps depending on the device we have.

With any Android device

To carry it out it is necessary that your phone has the Google Home application, which usually comes integrated with the device and if this is not your case you will have to download it. Then, we enter it and click on the upper corner where a logo with three stripes appears. After pressing it, different options will appear where the one we will use is ‘Share screen with audio’, when selecting it, a new section will appear where we will select the television and when establishing it, you will see it duplicated on both screens.

From iPhone or iPad

It is also necessary that we download an application which is ‘Replica’ and you can get it in the app store. Then, having it installed, we simply enter it where, having connected the same Wi-Fi on both devices, this application will automatically detect your TV. For this reason, we only have to click on that option to select the ‘Start transmission’ button and we only wait four minutes for the mobile screen to appear on the television.