How to cancel Spotify Premium subscription via browser

How to cancel Spotify Premium subscription: Spotify is used by many millennials. Its premium subscription allows users to listen to their favorite songs ad-free and download them as well. It is available at € 9.99 per month.

While Spotify is one of the best music streaming platforms, other music apps continue to have lucrative deals on their premium subscriptions. What if you want to try another app and cancel your Spotify premium subscription?

Well, you cannot cancel the Spotify Premium subscription through the app, but you can do it through a web browser.

How to cancel Spotify Premium subscription via browser?

1. Open any web browser on your smartphone and navigate to the Spotify Official Website.

2. Log in to your account by pressing the “Account“.

3. Now scroll down to the “Your plan“, Then press the”Available plans“.

4. Scroll down to the option “Free Spotify“, Then press the”CANCEL PREMIUM ».

5. Once you have done that, Spotify will cancel your premium subscription and you will also receive a confirmation message for it.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can cancel your Spotify premium subscription. If you have opted for a free trial offer, be sure to cancel your subscription before your free trial ends.


Will Spotify charge me if I cancel?

If you cancel the Spotify premium subscription before the billing date, you will not be charged and your account will be converted to a free account.

You need to keep an eye on the bill date, as Spotify will automatically deduct the money from your bank account as soon as the bill date arrives.

How long does Spotify Premium last without paying?

As of now, the Spotify Premium free trial period lasts for three months. Free trial service is available for both – regular plan and family pack plan. After the Spotify Premium free trial ends, users are expected to pay for their Spotify subscription.

Will I lose my playlist if I cancel Spotify Premium?

No, you will not lose your downloaded playlists or songs. However, you will not be able to play the songs in your offline playlist after your Spotify Premium subscription is canceled, as offline playlists and downloads are premium features. You can only access these playlists when you are online.

Do Spotify Premium Downloads Expire?

The music you downloaded from Spotify premium may expire if you do not log into the platform once every 30 days. However, this only happens in the rarest of cases.

How do I withdraw my card or change the payment method on the Spotify app?

Just go to your account page and press “Manage subscriptions and paymentAnd go to the option Change payment method or card details. Now you can add a new card or an original payment method according to your preferences.

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