How to boot an Acer Aspire in safe mode?

Your Windows 10 computer is experiencing problems starting up your Acer Aspire or at the display level? Therefore you would like know the method to boot an Acer Aspire in safe mode in order to fix it? Indeed, safe mode turns out to be really practice because thanks to the latter, it is possible to load the OS with the minimum functionalities. This way you can first of all recover your saved documents on your Acer Aspire. But also, it allows you to perform methods in order to to fix the malfunction. So, to help you in this article. We will start by explaining in more detail what the safe mode on an Acer Aspire. And then we will show you the method to start your Acer Aspire in this mode, even if it does not turn on again.


Why turn on an Acer Aspire in safe mode?

Note that when you start your Acer Aspire, the BIOS performs a set of peripheral tests and checks to see if your machine can turn on. Subsequently, it will launch the bone installed on your main HD. So on an Acer Aspire it’s mainly Windows 10. But it’s also possible that you preferred Ubuntu over Linux. In the case of starting Windows 10. Activating the operating system will trigger a certain number of operations not necessarily necessary for the use of the PC. A very representative example is the wallpaper. This is not necessary to launch your computer. Therefore within the safe mode you will have a black screen as a background.

When to use safe mode to fix a malfunction on an Acer Aspire?

Safe Mode is particularly useful when it comes to reducing display errors. These are often the cause of a black screen when starting a computer. When you have this kind of malfunction. We suggest you read the article below so that you have more information about it: MY Acer Aspire TURNS ON BUT THE SCREEN STAYS BLACK, WHAT TO DO

In addition, safe mode may also stop errors from the network card. Indeed, to launch this mode, you have 2 options. It is possible to select a mode without internet access or with the Internet. Therefore, you will be able to select the one that is most suitable for your context to avoid system startup bugs.

Either way, turning on your Acer Aspire this way, gives you the opportunity to open your Windows session. So on this one you will be able to one side update drivers that could be a problem. Or engage an update on Windows Update. But also you will have the possibility to open the troubleshooter. This is accessible in Update and Security Settings in the section ” Problem resolution “.

Start Safe Mode with an Acer Aspire computer:

You will be able to open safe mode with your Acer Aspire machine, in two different ways on Windows 10. On the one hand, if you can turn on your computer. We suggest you use the Windows Update and Security Settings. Otherwise you will first have to open WinRe. Then you can restart your PC in safe mode.

Restart an Acer Aspire in Safe Mode from Windows 10 Settings:

To perform this procedure from the Windows Desktop on your Acer Aspire. Follow the detailed steps below:

  1. Open Windows Settings by clicking on the cogwheel in the Start menu,
  2. Then you have to select “Update and security”,
  3. Go to the tab ” Recovery “,
  4. And in the section “Advanced start” press the button ” Restart now “.

This procedure will give you quick access to the screen “Choose an option”. Then so as to activate the safe mode. Perform the procedure explained below:

  1. On the screen “Choose an option”, select ” Repair “,
  2. After in ” Problem resolution ” , click on ” Advanced options “,
  3. As soon as you are on the page of ” Advanced options “, click on ” Settings “,
  4. You will have to click on the button ” To restart “,
  5. Then you will press the F4 or 4 key. Or if you want to have the Internet network, click on F5 or 5.
  6. The system will need to load,
  7. And then you will access the home screen,
  8. Type it password of your session,
  9. And finally you will access the safe mode with a black background.

Start an Acer Aspire that won’t turn on, in Safe Mode on Windows 10:

As indicated above, a display problem may regularly create a black screen when the system is started. Therefore to remedy it. There is a technique that allows access to WinRe when it no longer launches. We will give you the procedure to get there. And then we will show you the steps in order to boot your system in safe mode.

Open WinRe on my Acer Aspire in order to start safe mode:

To have access to WinRe. You have to perform 2 steps several times. Indeed, if you perform on average 3 times the start-up and shutdown (when the OS is loading) by clicking on the Power button on your Acer Aspire. Then you will access a blue screen called “Choose an option” .

Start safe mode on my Acer Aspire from WinRe:

When you are in the WinRe environment. The method for restart your Acer Aspire in safe mode is similar to that described above. We will remind you of it below:

  1. Select the solution ” Repair “, from the screen “Choose an option”,
  2. Then click on ” Advanced options “,
  3. And in this screen select ” Settings “,
  4. Click on the button ” To restart “,
  5. And click on the button 4 or F4. Or 5 or F5, according to your needs regarding the repair of your Acer Aspire.
  6. You will access Windows Hello so that you can enter your password,
  7. Then you will get the Windows desktop in safe mode.

To conclude : Safe mode is particularly interesting. Especially if you want to arrange display problems with the update of pilot of the Graphic card. You will access it from Update and security settings if you can open your Windows 10 session. Or from the WinRe recovery environment. If, despite entering Safe Mode, you are unable to fix your problem. You can then try to reset your windows system with the article below: HOW TO RESET AN Acer Aspire. Or if not, we also suggest that you call Microsoft support.

If you are looking for other tutorials on your Acer Aspire, we invite you to explore the other articles in the category: Acer Aspire.

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