How to boot an Acer Aspire from a USB key?

Your computer fails to start. So you are planning to boot your Acer Aspire on a USB key, but you don’t know how to do? Indeed, turn on your computer on a bootable USB key, will allow you to reinstall the W10 operating system. So you can restore your PC to its original state. However, you should know that you will lose all data saved to your memory. To help you complete this procedure, we’ll start by showing you the method to create a bootable USB stick suitable for your computer. Then, when you have completed this step, we will explain how to boot on this USB key.


How to create a bootable USB stick for an Acer Aspire?

What is a bootable USB key for an Acer Aspire?

First of all, it may help to understand the function of a bootable USB stick. This turns out to be a key that backs up an ISO file.

An ISO file happens to be a virtual copy of a computer. Thus, it contains all the necessary data such as the W10 operating system. You may also, in the future, when your Acer Aspire has regained its initial operation, create an ISO image. This will serve as a virtual copy of your computer. This will keep all of your information.

In this way, if you wish repair your Acer Aspire if it encounters a major problem. You will be able to create the ISO image of the Windows 10 operating system on a USB drive. You will be able to reinstall Windows 10 as was the case after purchasing your Acer Aspire.

What is the use of booting an Acer Aspire with a Bootable USB key?

You may find this procedure useful when your Acer Aspire no longer starts after a blue screen. Indeed, they testify a sudden shutdown of the system following a big mistake. Sometimes your Acer Aspire may to correct when restarting. But it is also possible that this problem is blocking the activation Windows operating system so that you can no longer start your computer. On this kind of situation, boot with a bootable USB key, will help you start from scratch and resolve the fatal error.

If your Acer Aspire starts up, you should know that you can reset it without going through the bootable USB key. You can go through Windows recovery environment. But also the Update and Security Settings on the section Recovery. You will find within it a part “Reset this PC”. On it you can click on the button ” To start “. The strong point of this procedure is that you will be able to keep certain information saved to your User folder.

For more explanations of the different procedures that allow you to reset an Acer Aspire. Do not hesitate to consult the tutorial below: How to reset an Acer Aspire?

Create a W10 bootable USB stick for an Acer Aspire:

Before starting, it is important to perform this method that you have a Functional PC. But also a connection Internet. Then of course an empty 8 GB USB key.

If you want create a bootable USB key suitable for your Acer Aspire. Perform the detailed steps below:

  1. Go to the Microsoft official site to recover the support creation tool.
  2. Within it, click on the button “Download the tool now”.
  3. Then, double click on the exe file downloaded.
  4. Authorize the app to make changes to the device.
  5. You will access the utility for create the ISO file suitable for your Acer Aspire.
  6. So you will have to accept the conditions of use and select the tongue.
  7. To can create the USB key, you will first need to select the following alternative:
    • “Create an installation medium (USB key, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC”
  8. Select the type of system depending on your Acer Aspire.
  9. Then you will have to select “USB flash memory disk”.
  10. You will have to wait for the loading to take place, and then click on the button ” To end “.

Boot with a bootable USB stick with an Acer Aspire:

Install W10 using a bootable USB key on your Acer Aspire:

When the bootable USB stick will be generated. You will need to connect it to your Acer Aspire. Then you will have to click on the button On Off to start the PC boot process. Usually, this is able to detect the bootable USB key and boot with this one. This will allow you to directly access to the W10 installer. You will visualize besides the blue window within which you will have to select a language. Then you will access a second page on which you will have a button ” Install now “. Just click on it to start the new installation.

Yes your Acer Aspire does not launch directly from the USB key. It will be necessary change the boot order. For that, you have to go to UEFI BIOS from your computer. We advise you to read the tutorial below to know the method to get there: How do I enter the BIOS of my Acer Aspire?

Repair your Acer Aspire using a bootable USB key:

When you want, first of all try to repair your computer by accessing Windows recovery environment. You can also click the button ” Repair the computer “. This will take you to the screen “Choose an option”. On this one, we advise you to select the alternative ” Repair “. Then you can click on ” Advanced options ” to find the different tools of proposed repairs in the recovery environment.

In conclusion : Even if it may seem complicated At first glance, boot with a USB key on your Acer Aspire won’t be really difficult. However, before performing this procedure and delete all your data. Don’t hesitate to study others alternatives that you have.

If you ever want other solutions on your Acer Aspire, we invite you to consult the tutorials in the category: Acer Aspire.

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