How to block unwanted notifications on my Android – Eliminate SPAM

Notifications are a way for your device to notify that something new is happening in your system, all phones have these options, to notify you when you have a new message, when someone calls you or any news on your device, that is why sometimes It is usually annoying, but don’t worry, this type of notifications can be deactivated, to do so you just have to keep reading the following article, here we will explain it in detail how to block unwanted notifications on your android and thus eliminate SPAM.

What are the main reasons why SPAM appears on your Android mobile?

If you have a device with an Android system, you will have noticed that in your notifications emails from some applications usually appear in the form of advertising, or that strangers call you offering you a product, these actions are called Spam, since they are a type of information that have not been requested by you at some point, despite the fact that they are annoying, they do not come with any scam or fraud, they are only advertising-type messages in some cases, these are the main reasons why they appear:

spam reaches notifications

Problematic apps installed

Normally, if you are an Android device, you have a legal download store that is responsible for all your purchases in terms of applications, which is the Google Play Store. If you download your apps from inappropriate sites, they can lead to problems later on.

The Spam can come out in these applications that have not been downloaded correctly, that is why in order not to get major problems no matter how easy it is to download on these non-legal pages, you must use the download store of your Android, this will prevent you from having problems in the use or services of your applications.

Improper permission authorization

However, Spam will not only come from applications with download problems, but also from authorized permissions that may be inadequate over time.

When you download an application, it will require a series of permissions, such as, for example, if it is an image or photo application, it will require permission to authorize having information from the camera or the storage of your phone, they are things what for being able to use the application will be mandatorybut by accessing these permissions you will be able to accept actions that are not useful to you and may even be malicious for your Android.

If you have this type of problem and you think that Spam is appearing for application reasons with inadequate permissions these you can remove whenever you wantit should be noted that each application has its own permissions section, that is, if you deactivate some permissions for a single application, it will not imply that you do it for all of them:

spam arriving as a notification

How to block unwanted notifications on your Android device?

SPAM is cumbersome information that you can stop so that it no longer arrives, and even if it happens to you through WhatsApp you can block it immediately, but if you want to deactivate notifications of these, you must follow these steps:

By direct notifications in your notification bar: The applications when they generate a new notification you can block them at once when they arrive, for this you must have this pressed and click on deactivate, in this way you will no longer receive more notifications of this type.

For permanently block a notification from an app: To generate this action you must follow these steps:

  1. Go into your settings app, on some devices can exit instead of Settings Settings.
  2. Being in the application you must go to the box where it says applications, for this you must go down between this list and search for it.
  3. When you get the applications you will realize that you have all the apps of your device gathered in the same folder, you must now look for the one you want to block notifications from.
  4. Finding her, he enters her pressing her.
  5. Here you will see a series of available options such as clearing the cache below this you will find Permissions, enter it.
  6. Deactivate all the authorizations that you think are pertinent, for this you must press on the switch that has each permission winged.

For page notifications: If you want to deactivate page notifications you have to, when entering one of them, when the box appears to allow notifications or send you notifications, click on Block.

For block notifications from Google Chrome: For this action you only have to enter the settings of this application, then notifications and deactivate the pages that are sending you SPAM.

block notifications to prevent spam

How to know if your Android phone was freed from SPAM correctly?

If you want to know if your phone no longer has spam the only way is waiting that a new one arrives, if it does not, it is because blocking unwanted notifications generated the action successfully.

Why isn’t SPAM blocked correctly on your Android phone and what to do?

Spam is a form of advertising and if it has not been blocked correctly it may be because the action was not generated correctly or you still have an authorized permit for it to keep coming to you inappropriate information, you can follow the steps below to disable such permissions:

spam is unnecessary advertising

  1. The first thing you should do is go to your device and turn it on.
  2. Being on your phone enter your Android settings, for this you can go to the main menu and click on the gear.
  3. Here you will enter all the settings that you can modify on your phone, you must go to the Applications option.
  4. Now enter the application you want to see what permissions it has allowed.
  5. When you are in the application, click on permissions, here you can see which ones you have activated and disable them if you wish.

Another way to enter the application information is by clicking on its settings from the menu where it lives, here Click on Application information and access.