How to block unwanted calls on Android for free

Unwanted calls are an unfortunate inevitability in the technology life we ​​live in. Whether you receive too many automated and automated calls or someone from your past won’t leave you alone, you may be wondering how to block unwanted calls.

We’ll show you how to block calls and texts on Android using a variety of methods.

How to block unwanted calls on Android for free - Android

How to block numbers on an Android device

Android has a built-in option that enables you to block phone numbers. This is a good option if a certain number keeps calling you. We will demonstrate the process with Android 11 Stock on Pixel 4; As usual with Android’s instructions, the process may vary depending on your device model. If your device does not have all these features, try installing the Google Phone app.

To block a number that has called you recently, open the mobile app of your choice and go to the menu Recently. Press and hold the number, then choose Block / Report Spam from the popup menu.

In the resulting window, check the box Report the call as spam if applicable; This is not necessary if you only want to block the number for personal reasons. Click on ban again to confirm your choice.

How to block unwanted calls on Android for free - Android

To block a number not in a list recently, tap the three-dotted menu at the top right of the Phone app and choose Settings. From the menu, choose Blocked numbers. Here you can see all the numbers you have blocked and remove any of them from the block list, if necessary.

Click add number Enter the phone number you want to block. If you enable the Unknown slider at the top of this page, your phone will block calls that appear as private, unidentified, or similar. Since the name is a bit confusing, be aware that enabling this option will not block all incoming calls from numbers not in your contact list.

How to block unwanted calls on Android for free - Android

Caller ID and spam options in the Android phone app

There is another list to visit when blocking unwanted calls on your Android phone: Caller ID and Spam from the same settings menu as above. Here you will find quite a few sliders that will help you identify and avoid spam calls.

How to block unwanted calls on Android for free - Android

Enable caller visibility and spam ID and your phone will show you information about the caller, even if it’s a number you don’t know. Turn on spam call filtering and your phone will automatically block calls that are suspected to be spam.

You can also enable verified calls, a feature Google uses for participating companies. If you agree to associate your phone number with your Google account and enable this option, Google will transmit the reason for the business contact on your phone.

For example, if you order food, your phone may display “Your pizza is here” on the incoming calls screen. This makes it easy to know when a company is calling for a legitimate reason.

Minimize Spam With Offline Log

If you are in the US and get a lot of automated and automatic calls, you should register your number with the National Do Not Call Registry. Which is operated by the FTC and allows you to say you don’t want to receive unsolicited sales calls.

How to block unwanted calls on Android for free - Android

It’s a great move in order to combat annoying calls, but it’s not ideal. Other types of organizations, such as charities and political activists, are still allowed to call even if your number is on this list. Obviously, illegal scam calls don’t follow the rules.

You can also use the Spam Report option on this page to notify the FTC of unwanted calls. This may not have an effect, but if enough people report a number, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can investigate it further.

Block callers using third-party apps

The built-in options in Android are great for one-time blocking of numbers or stopping obvious random calls. But if you are still getting a lot of spam calls, then you can move on to the dedicated apps to stop unwanted calls in general.

Reviews for these apps vary, as most of them charge a subscription fee to enable all features. But it’s worth a try if you can’t get rid of spammers in other ways. RoboKiller is a well-reviewed solution that offers a seven-day free trial. Truecaller is the old favorite that offers a basic plan for free. Check how to prevent automated phone calls from calling your number again.

For more options, take a look at our comparison of caller ID apps.

Block unwanted calls through your carrier

Another option to block spam calls is to use any services that your carrier may offer. For example, T-Mobile users may have seen a “Potential Fraud” tag on incoming calls.

You should check with your carrier to see if this is something they offer, and if it is worth paying for. Most offer a free level of service, along with a premium spam blocking option for an additional fee. Whether you find these premium call blocking apps or apps to be worth it is up to you.

Restrict incoming calls with Do Not Disturb

There is another way you might consider to reduce unwanted calls. Designed to help you focus by blocking notifications and other distractions, Android’s Do Not Disturb mode lets you choose what kind of calls still alert you. So you can tell this mode to only allow incoming calls from people you know, and enable it for the times when you often get spam calls.

To configure Do Not Disturb, head over to الإعدادات -> الصوت والاهتزاز -> عدم الإزعاج. Choose People from the list, then tap Calls. In the resulting list, you can choose who can reach you in Do Not Disturb. Choose starred contacts to allow only your close friends or contacts to block calls from anyone you haven’t saved to your contacts.

How to block unwanted calls on Android for free - Android

If you often receive unwanted text messages, you can do the same on the Messages tab. Now, when you want to silence incoming calls that you don’t know, turn on Do Not Disturb using the quick settings toggle option. Try using the schedule menu in the Do Not Disturb settings if you want them to appear at the same time every day.

How to block spam on Android

We’ve mainly focused on blocking unwanted calls here, but spam can also be an issue. If you receive unwanted messages in your SMS inbox, we have reviewed how to block unwanted text messages on Android. Most of these methods use apps similar to the call blocking apps mentioned above.

You should also know how to report unwanted text messages to your carrier and the authorities.

Fighting annoying calls on Android

We’ve looked at a variety of ways to block calls from spammers or anyone else you don’t want to hear from on Android. A combination of the above-mentioned tools should help you reduce annoying calls.

Keep in mind that a call that appears to originate from your area is not necessarily legitimate. This is a technique that spammers use to trick you into picking it up. Check out how to combat cell phone phishing attacks

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