How to backup your worlds in Minecraft Realms

Spending all day making creations of all kinds in Minecraft is extremely fun and entertaining, what is not so much fun is losing everything you have done due to some involuntary error or because the worlds have been deleted from your account. This is why we teach you today to how to back up your worlds to recover them in case you lose them.

How can you create a backup of your world in Minecraft?

There are two great methods how to have a larger inventory in Minecraft to be able to create a backup of any world you have created.

The first method is through a backup system performed by the server. This system saves your information automatically from time to time while you are playing so you do not have the need to make a backup manually.

With the game server method you will be able to save your data through a secondary server, which will allow you to access whenever you want, especially if you want to verify that everything is in order.

The second method is about downloading the worlds you have created in the game directly on your PC. This method is a little more basic but just as efficient, plus you can easily play Minecraft, make progress with your creations, save them, and then open them to continue your in-game activities.

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What steps must be followed to create the backup on your Minecraft server?

Creating a backup through the server is a very effective and intelligent method that you can do to save certain modifications that you have made to your World, especially when you will be making some adjustments on those modifications and you do not want to lose it in case the adjustments spoil the work you had previously done.

To force the backup on the server you will have to enter the settings menu within Minecraft and there temporarily replace the world you are modifying with a minigame.

Basically, this method is a trick that was not developed by the creators of the game nor does it appear on the official page to be able to use it, but it works quite well. This is because when you switch to the minigame level, without actually playing it, Minecraft will automatically create a backup in your world before making the gamemode switch. To return to the backup world you will only have to repeat the process mentioned above, but this time you must choose the world you were playing previously.

Where are the backups created in Minecraft stored?

Minecraft backups are saved by default to the directory folder which is created when the game is installed. Therefore, to access it you will have to go to the installation folder, then Saves and finally enter the directories section.

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What is the way you can download your backup to your PC?

If you want to download a backup of your Minecraft worlds on your PC to have a fully secure backup In case you don’t like the later modifications and you want to delete them or in case you just want to archive them to be able to play them without internet, you can do it quickly and easily.

  • To begin the backup process, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the world you’re backing up to is active. It must be active, otherwise the game will not allow you to download the copy.
  • After verifying that the world is active you will have to go inside the game, in the world section to the option that says World Backups or World backup.
  • Within the option you will see all the backups made for the worlds and how long ago they were made. In addition, an option to Download Latest or Download latest copy will appear.
  • We select Download Lates and an alert screen will appear telling us that the backup will be saved along with the rest of the individual worlds that you have saved locally on your PC. We accept and automatically we will save the backup on our computer.

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What should you do to restore your server backup in Minecraft?

Just like making backups, you can restore those copies in much the same ways you create or download them. therefore you can restore your backup from minecraft server or from your local backup.

Restore from server

To restore the backup of the backup within the game server we will have to go to the game configuration, then look for the worlds section and enter where it says World Backups or backup.

Unlike creating the backup, this time we will go to the last backup created and we will see a red arrow. If we stand on it, it will tell us to restore, we click on it and we will have the last backup made by the server restored to continue playing and creating alchemy potions.

Restore backup made on your PC

To restore the backup that is inside your PC we will have to enter as if we wanted to open the world. However, when selecting the world, instead of entering we will press the button Reset World or Reset World.

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Several options will appear to choose from, but we will give you where it says Upload Word or Upload World. We look for the backup that we have created in the folder where the backups are created and we click on Upload and the backup will automatically open just as we have saved it. You can also learn how to create a Minecraft server.