How to archive a video game on Nintendo Switch OLED? – Complete configuration

One of the great advantages of the Nintendo Switch OLED is the fact of having its own screen, allowing the user to make use of it directly or by connecting to another device, be it a television or a computer. Now, because it is such a complete console, there is the possibility that several of the functions and settings of which it has, sometimes you do not know what they are for and how to activate them, among them is that of archiving a video game. Here’s how to do it and the advantages of being able to keep active this valuable option that only the Nintendo Switch OLED offers you.

What happens when a game is archived on the Nintendo Switch OLED?

Archiving a game on your Nintendo Switch OLED console has fabulous advantages, especially due to the fact that you can free up memory space, but always keeping the icon in the Home menu, which allows you to have access to it and re-download it when you need it. On the other hand, it is important that you know that saving your game files will not affect the saving data, likewise, the saving process can be done from the data management menu and also from the program’s options menu.

nintendo oled save data screen

What are the requirements that your Nintendo Switch OLED must meet to be able to archive it?

We must be clear that Nintendo Switch OLED stores data in the memory of the consoleTherefore, you need to have enough memory so that it does not affect the file capacity you need to have. Another important requirement to consider when archiving your games is that you must have a Nintendo account, which allows you to enjoy the possibility of downloading and archiving your video games correctly, so that you can download or delete it if necessary, everything It will depend on your needs at a certain time.

How can you archive a video game on your Nintendo Switch Oled?

First you must enter the Console Configuration, once there you click on the side panel, the data management option, where you will select ‘Programs’, there you choose the game that you are going to archive and press ‘Archive program’.

After completing this process, a pop-up window will appear, if you check and agree with what you did and with the game selection, you just have to click on ‘archive’. If the case is that you want to archive more games, go to Programs and select the games you want, once selected you confirm your decision to archive, pressing Archive.

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What is the procedure to be able to move your games from Nintendo Switch OLED to SD card?

Nintendo Switch OLED, sometimes you need a additional microSD card In order to have access to some access to some video games in particular such as Fornite, you will be able to verify which games need it by consulting all the information through the game developer.

You should know that if you acquire the physical version of a game that requires an additional microSD card, you will only be able to play part of the game, since to be able to enjoy the full game, it is necessary that you download additional data, needing here the complement of the card to be able to expand the available space.

In case you acquire the digital version of a game, there are some that still require the use of the microSD card, all because the game requests it or also because of the space available on the Nintendo Switch OLED console. In this sense, the compatible microSD cards are: microSD (up to 2 GB), microSDHC (4 GB-32 GB), microSDXC (64 GB and higher). It is also recommended to use a card that has a high transfer speed, as this will allow you to enjoy a unsurpassed gaming experience.

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How can you access archived games on your Nintendo Switch Oled?

It is necessary to remember that the archiving function that we find in the Nintendo Switch OLED, gives us the possibility of delete part of the programs we download, with the intention of freeing up space on the console. However, there is a more direct and practical way to access the games that are already archived, is by going to the icon, which stays on the Home screen, where it can be reinstalled as many times as you need without affecting the data saved in the console at all.

What steps should you follow to unarchive a video game from your Nintendo Switch OLED?

Games usually take up a lot of space within our console, which is why there are times when we will have or need unarchive a video game, which helps us free up and gain storage space.

To be able to choose to delete a file that we have previously saved, we enter the Programs section, there we click on the game that we intend to delete and select ‘Delete the program’, once this action has been carried out, you just have to confirm the requested action and you will have unarchived the games you consider.