How to adjust the lock screen to your liking in Windows 11 – Adapt your startup

The innovative Windows 11 operating system brings many interesting functions and also allows multiple customizations, including customizing the lock screen, in order to adjust it to your tastes and preferences. In this article you will discover the different ways to adjust your lock screen in Windows 11.

How to add photo from Windows 11 pc to lock screen?

Windows 11 gives you the opportunity to add a photo contained in your PC to the lock screen, for this you just have to customize your screen and choose the images through the Settings option, as follows: you must click Start from Windows 11, this will take you to platform main menu.

Once in the main menu you select the Configuration application that appeared from that start and click on Card Personalization, at the same time you choose the Navigation option present on your lock screen, there you select the photo of your preference and click on Personalize your lock screen, having access to your images. This part of the process will allow you to observe each image that you have saved on your PC, press Browse and there you will be able to choose your favorite image for the lock screen background, when you have it selected press Choose and you will have already completed your choice.

customization menu in windows 11

What to do to add moving slides to the lock screen?

You must select the Presentation option in the drop-down menu, then click the Browse button, at that moment you choose the folder that has all the images you want for the slide show, if you do not have this folder ready, you can create it, so that just contain the images to use in your slides lock screen.

Next, press the option Choose this folder and click on the Advanced Presentation settings, this option allows you to select various settings, including using only those images that fit your screen or also include folders of photos from cameras on your PC and even from OneDrive. Covered these steps, it only remains to click on Turn off the screen, once it has been reproduced slide show during drop-down menu and thus be able to select your preferred option and more adjusted to your tastes on the lock screen.

start windows 11 on pc photo folder

How to remove lock screen usage on Windows 11 computer?

To completely remove the use of the lock screen from your Windows 11 PC, the registers option is recommended, it is important that you do a backup with all your information and open the editor using ‘regedit’ when entering the Start search engine. Another option to remove this lock screen is through the GPO, for both cases we will explain later how to do it.

However, if at any time you wish reactivate your screen lock optionDespite having deleted it at a certain time, you can do it without any complications just by following the steps to adjust your lock screen in Windows 11.

Using the ‘Regedit’ in the home search engine

It’s a pretty fast power remove lock screen Using Regedit, you just have to go to Start and right-click, then click Search, there we type gpedit and press Enter on the computer keyboard. We will see that Administrative Templates are displayed, we double-click on that option and immediately double-click on Control Panel.

Basically it is an option that Windows 11 offers you to personalize your lock screen or delete it at any time you want, therefore, you click on Personalization and on the option Don’t show lock screen, press Activated and it will have already disappeared.

start windows 11 on pc

Using GPOs

A second way to remove the lock screen from your Windows 11 PC is using Group Policies, for this we write ‘gpedit.msc’ in the search engine, from there we go to the path: Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel and Personalization; where we will edit the policy ‘Do not show the lock screen’ and activate the option ‘Enabled’, in this way we apply the changes and we will no longer have the lock screen on our Windows 11 PC.