How to add tables or lists to Mac’s TextEdit? – Know your tools

Nowadays, it is very useful to create and edit TXT files on an iOS device or to add tables or lists directly in the built-in text document editor on Mac. Thanks to this useful tool, you will be able to create your own tables or lists that you can send by email. email to share relevant information with your contacts professionals. In this article, we will detail all the steps so that you can accomplish this effectively and in a very simple way.

How can you add a table and manage its content in TextEdit?

Adding a table and managing the content with TextEdit is actually a very simple procedure. So, the first thing you need to do is open the app and click on the place of the document where you want to position your table. Then, you have to click on Format again to bring up the customization box. Later, you need to close the window to return to the original document.

Done this, you will see that you can enter the table and make all the adjustments you need, either by copying and pasting texts on your Mac or changing the number of rows and columns according to your requirements. All this is possible, when you use the controls that appear when you select the table and click on Format.

add tables in textedit documents on apple mac

If you want to associate cells of your table

Now, to associate the cells of the table, it is important that you open the TextEdit app and look for the option that says Format in the menu. Next, you will see various alternatives and you have to locate the one that says Associate cells. So once you’ve selected three or more cells in your table, you can apply the changes with the box that says Match cells and ready. Also, you can split the associated cells from Format.

To insert a table inside another table

In case what you have in mind is to insert a table inside another table to give more emphasis to your content using extra cells and columns, you have to reopen the TextEdit application on your Mac and then click inside the cell where you want to make the changes for the table.

Now, you must locate the Format and Table option so that you can proceed to select the button that says Insert table. Thanks to this, it various alternatives will be displayed that will help you manipulate the columns and rows so that they are positioned one on top of another table. Likewise, you can use the controls in order to accommodate the alignment of the text that will be the protagonist of your document.

create tables and customize texts and colors from mac

How to customize the colors and fonts of your table?

If you are interested in giving your table a more pleasant touch, after inserting it you should go to the Format – Table options. It is from here that you can configure your settings and play with colors, backgrounds, fonts, and even table borders, making them look more attractive. You can perform this procedure as many times as you want until you are satisfied with the results.

In addition to this, you can use rich text for your tables that will give a more striking appearance to your documents. Of course, within TextEdit this option is set by default but you can change it. All this, by clicking on Format and then on Create rich text.

What steps should you follow to make a list in your TextEdit files?

We know that writing subscripts in Word is extremely useful and this aspect is not far from the lists that can be made in TextEdit and that fulfill the same functionality. To create your own file list, the first thing you have to do is access the menu bar until you locate the button that says Format – List. From there, you can now open the format box to customize the various options that we will indicate below.

correct way to make lists in textedit on mac

How to put a bullet or initial number?

Once you have added the list when you already have your text or before through the format box in TextEdit, you can now proceed to add bullets or numbers that will help you to maintain a better order within the document. To do this, you have to select the marker style from your list and from there you will see a series of available alternatives that will adapt to your immediate needs.

What is the procedure to put an enclosing list?

First of all you should know that the enclosing list marker is used before the sublist list marker and you can place it once you enter Format. In addition, it is possible to edit the wraparound lists whenever you want if you access Format and then go to the option that says List in the menu bar. Keep in mind that once the text is selected, it becomes a list and to add it, you just have to press Enter.

How can you save your TextEdit file on your Mac?

Have you already successfully created and customized your lists and tables in TextEdit? It is very important that save these files correctly so you can use them in the future. You don’t want all the fruits of your efforts to be lost because you don’t know how to perform this procedure. So for that, you have to select the Window that says File and then click Save. Remember that you have to add a name that identifies your document and add the labels.

Also, it is essential that you select the location and format of your file to then proceed to save it in the folder that says TextEdit – iCloud. Finally, you just have to confirm your selection by clicking Save.