How to add new sources to my Kodi? – Customize your device

When we choose to download new sources to our Kodi It is due to the fact that you want to install an Addon, script or program that is stored inside to add it to Kodi, since this will allow you to have a store where you can select the content of your preference. Given this, if you have been interested in knowing how you can download sources on your Kodi so that you can enjoy varied multimedia content then you should continue reading this article, since in it we will talk about easy steps to install new fonts and which are the best today. This will undoubtedly allow you to get the most out of this App and you will know how to use Kodi correctly

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Why should you install a new font on your Kodi?

This new and innovative application allows you to download different fonts so that you can manage any media file on any computer and its varied interface can be adapted to the user’s personal taste. On the other hand, thanks to technological advances, we find new innovations such as the capacity of this power program. integrate with Smart TV systems for better quality multimedia reproductions.

It is completely free, so you can download and install it on all brands of Smart TV, its different sources help you find varied content such as photos, videos, music, radio to entertain yourself and access your plugins Addons or repositories from the section that corresponds to your Kodi, and the most impressive of all is that you can do it from any computer and of course select it according to your personal tastes.

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What steps do you have to follow to add a new source on Kodi?

To be able to add new sources to your Kodi first of all you must activate unknown functions and follow these steps:

  • Go to the kodi app or if you don’t have it yet, you can go to its official site and find out how to download it easily. Then you must touch the icon that is in the shape of a gear wheel to go to the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Once you are in the system menu, select the option ‘Accessories’ (addons) and activate the option that says ‘Unknown sources’.
  • A pop-up window will appear on your screen, there You must accept the conditions of Warnings that you are prompted to continue with the installation process.
  • Once the program is installed on your computer, you must enter the menu again for its correct configuration and select the option from ‘File Manager’ and press the ENTER key or double clip on ‘Add Source’ (add source).
  • Now, tap on the option that says ‘None’ to add source or origin to KodiNow if it asks you for the path of the source, you must write the URL of it. And then do clip on OK.
  • To finish you must make a clip again in the Ok option of the next window that will be shown to you to fully add font and so you will see it added to the list.

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What are the best sources you can add on Kodi and what is their link?

There are varieties of sources for your Kodi, here we bring you the most used today with its respective information that you must take into account when downloading it to your computer and its link so that you can safely access its official pages.

Luar and Kodiadictos

Luar is a source that allows you to find very common complements such as videos so that you can play series and moviesYou will also find other program add-ons, with which you can use installers of other add-ons for this application, its link to access its source is

Kodiadictos is a source with a variety of content and add-ons or repositories for your Kodi, from add-ons for programs, music, radio and videos to those that are They specialize in Sports and programs for children.

Kodi Leia and Canal Nereo

Kodi Leia is a source with varied content, it has a list of video add-ons that target different personalities or tastes. These add-ons offer you series and children’s films, sports, cinema films, culture, anime series or content for adults only. The source of this program has integrated Skins to change the appearance of your Kodi and the popular Wizards or Scripts that install any version of Kodi and are modified with content and a very personalized design.

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Canal Nereo integrates a number of video add-ons for movies, series and programs for any type of audience. It also has add-ons for popular social platforms such as Netflix and YouTube and sports programs that you can see live and direct, this makes it a very complete source and its link to access it is:

Addon Alfa and Addon Palantir

Addon Alfa is a complement that precedes PelisAlacarta and gives you updated content of movies, series as long as you update your Kodi on all your devices. This will turn your team into the best center to entertain and for free you will be able to find the most resentful beings and movies and with many Streams options in various languages ​​and with excellent video quality.

It also gives you the option of search online videos by categories or search manually on any channel at the same time and the content can be reproduced with the audio in English, Spanish or another language that you prefer and depending on the availability you have, its link is: http: // alpha-addon. com / alpha

Addon Palantir, is similar to Addon Alfa and has a variety of list of cinema movies and series, its difference is that it does not have content with audio in the Latin American Spanish language. Its varied content is only available in Spanish, Castilian or English with its proper subtitle in Spanish, you can also find a very varied list with content in new documentaries.

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