How to Add and Remove an FTP Drive on Windows

Did you know that it is possible to add a FTP player on Windows ?

The method works from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and it’s very easy to set up.

The goal is to simplify the use of the FTP client and to be able to access files from your Windows explorer.

So here is a complete tutorial for add and remove an FTP drive on Windows.

What is an FTP server for?

An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server allows you to easily transfer files between a server and a client (your computer). We have made a tutorial for create an FTP server on Windows

To send or download files we use an FTP client. There are alternative clients like FileZilla or WinScp.

Now that your FTP server is online, here’s how to map the FTP drive on your Windows computer.

Our FTP reader is also called network location.

Add an ftp drive on Windows

The handling is identical on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. You must of course know the name / IP of your server as well as the username and password of your account.

Now we have to go to theWindows explorer> This PC and choose connect a network drive at the top of the menus.

connect windows network drive

In the next window we then choose “Connect to a website where documents and images can be stored”

connect website

Validate the first step of the wizard:

add network location

We then choose a personalized location.

custom location

Then you must specify the address of your FTP server.

Attention you must add ftp: // before the name or the IP of your server.

ftp site location

You are then offered to open an anonymous session, generally you must instead enter your username and password. We have to uncheck the box “Open an anonymous session” then enter the login.

add windows ftp login

Then we define a name for our FTP reader such as FTP TUTOS-INFORMATIQUE.

name of the ftp drive

We come to the end of the wizard. The shortcut will be created.

You will be asked for the password and login the first time you open the shortcut.

end of windows assistant

The wizard is finished, an authentication request is requested:

login and password request

If your identifiers are incorrect the window will ask for the login and password in a loop.

If that happens you will find your ftp reader which is map in your windows explorer

ftp location in windows explorer

Congratulations you have connected your FTP server to your Windows explorer!

Delete an FTP drive on Windows

Remove network location

In our first part we have to map an FTP drive on our Windows system. Now we will see how to delete the reader but also how to delete the login credentials.

To delete the reader you have to do a right-click then delete in Windows Explorer

But this manipulation does not remove the username and password.

Remove Ftp username and password stored in Windows

There is no simple interface to delete the login and password memorized by Windows. I also sought to Windows ID Manager and I have no info.

The Identification Manager is accessible from the control panel:

windows identification manager

So finally go through the registry.

Make the touch Windows + R and enter “regedit”


Once the registry is open, go here:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft FTP Accounts

The list of servers are indicated, you just have to right-click then delete in order to purge the login and password stored by the system.

delete ftp account registry

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