How to add and edit a business in Waze? – Increase your advertising

Waze is the most used application for give directions to places and places When we move along the road or highway, it also provides us with information on establishments, stops, fixed radars or any other place that we need from its location, in which we can carry out our errands such as buying an item. In fact, It is ideal to obtain the location of a business Specifically, that is why if you own an establishment of any kind and you want your address to appear in this Application, here we help you discover how to do it.

What are the ways to add a business to Waze?

The Waze interface has a fairly intuitive and simple design, which makes it easy to operate and useful, especially to avoid routes with a lot of traffic, which in fact we can say is the reason for its great success. It is also free and its programming is completely Compatible with Android and iOS systems.

waze app emblem

This application is very useful for business owners, entrepreneurs and innovative people who want to publicize their business and product. Since it works easily for promote these commercial establishments. Let’s put the case that some driver and Waze user needs to make a stop to buy an item they need, or simply want to buy a coffee, if your business is registered in Waze the App will promote the address so that they make their stop there and of course It will make you have much more customers.

From the mobile app

For register your business in Waze from the Mobile The first thing to do is download the App from the Application store. After being downloaded and installed, you must open it and click on the orange circular icon that is indicative of the ‘Reports’ option and then click on the icon indicating the ‘Place’ option.

Then the Mobile Camera will be activated and you must capture a photograph of the facade of the establishment by clicking on two small black arrows found in a blue Circular Icon. Next, you must write the name of the establishment or business and indicate exactly its address. To conclude, you will have to make a choice of the category of the business, that is, choose if it is a food business, a factory, or accommodation, you will choose the category that belongs to it. And then click on the ‘Done’ option and the registration will be ready.

see route map in waze from mobile

With the Waze map editor

The vast majority of changes we make to the map are done using the Waze map editing program. This editor is part of the Waze application which is synchronized with the same App and allows us to easily change the address of our establishment or add the address of our new business. So we can easily and quickly add the address of the establishment from the Waze application using the Waze map editor.

How do I edit a place in the Waze app?

We must enter the Waze application and click on the orange icon in the form of a circle that is located in the middle of the screen. Then we must press to choose the purple symbol where we must place the Place, immediately afterwards the camera will emerge to take photos with the device. We capture the image of the place that we want to register in Waze and indicate the address as well as the category of the place.

It is important to notify if the place is a Monument or if it belongs to a natural and recreational environment. Then we must press the ‘Done’ option and ready the address of the place will be registered and everyone who uses Waze who wishes to locate the site will be notified. Doing this helps to make sites or places known to the community in general that often go unnoticed, so it is important that if we are affluent users of Waze, we follow these simple steps to promote the location of a place.

What should be done if a new business cannot be added to an area?

Many times it turns out that we want to add a new business in an area but we cannot do this modification because the area is blocked, do not worry, it is nothing out of this world that we cannot solve. we should only contact the user who previously modified the place or get in touch with the leaders in charge of the community.

Talk to the last person who modified the place

To contact the last person who had access to edit the map, we only have to enter the Waze Map Editor application and click on the chatfrom there we can contact you and notify you of the situation, hoping that you will help us unlock the area to add the address we want.

location pinpointed on waze map

Contact community leaders

To be able to contact the community leaders we must access the Local Community Forum. Through this forum we can present our situation and get a satisfactory response and help to unlock the area and add the address of the site we want.

Currently the Waze application has users from all over the world, they are a little more than 140 million people that make use of this excellent App, and even manage to add points to their account to level up, since it not only allows us to use it to locate ourselves in time and space, but also allows us to interact with other users since it acts as a Social Network.