How to add a clock to the Touch Bar on a MacBook Pro using Clock Bar?

One of the best features that MacBooks have today is that the Touch Bar can be customized by adding various multipurpose buttons. Therefore, it is not surprising that possible to attach a clock with Clock Bar. A free application that will make your life easier and will show you the time throughout the day. If you want to learn how to accomplish this easily, stay with us and find out in this article.

What are the steps to put a clock on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar?

Placing a clock on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar is an extremely simple process to execute and the first thing you have to do to achieve it is download Clock Bar from the App Store. Once this is done, the characteristic icon of the application within the menu bar, but first you have to configure the controls. All this, through the System Preferences, specifically within the Keyboard section.

Next, you will see the menu that says Touch bar display and from there you will proceed to handle the controls. Either by customizing the color of the clock or changing the time format for the one that best suits your personal preferences. Note that on your MacBook, you can also change your keyboard language whenever you need to.

put a clock on the macbook touch bar

How to remove the clock from the Touch Bar on my MacBook Pro?

If you’re one of those people who don’t want to see the Touch Bar clock on your MacBook, no problem because you can remove it whenever you want. Most likely, you’ll want to use an Apple Watch to set alarms. To comply with this, you have to modify the Touch Bar settings through the system preferences that you will find from the Apple menu. From here, you’re going to select Keyboard and then Configure Touch Bar Options.

When you carry out these simple steps, you will notice that a long list of customization options appears for the apps, so choose the clock one to remove it. Then, you have to drag the icon of the App where is the figure of the trash can. You’ll notice that when you tap the clock icon, it will vibrate slightly, but once it’s in the trash, the changes will take effect.

Where can you make more customizations to the MacBook Pro Touch Bar?

In case you want get the most out of your MacBook Pro, you should know that it is totally valid to customize the Touch Bar to suit your particular tastes and needs. For this reason, we bring you this section specifying all the details so that you can fulfill your mission in a very simple and enjoyable way, pay close attention.

customize touch bar macbook laptop buttons

with special applications

In addition to the applications that come installed by default on your MacBook, there are others developed by third parties that adapt quite well, being compatible with the touch panel. If you want to get them, you have to contact their official pages to download and install them on the system.

For its part, we can indicate some of the most popular that you can download such as Drop, the Affinity Designer vector editor, the PCalc calculator, the Airmail email manager, and many more. The truth is that you will find everything from text editors that are widely used today to instant messaging networks and calls, as in the particular case of Skype. Only you decide how to shape the trackpad of your MacBook.

Using the Control Strip Options

On the other hand, you can use the Control Strip to change its buttons and customize them as you see fit. For this, the first thing you have to do is access the Apple menu, clicking on the system preferences and then in the Keyboard section. Next, it is important that you navigate through the panel until you locate the option that says Customize the Control Strip.

add or remove buttons from the apple macbook touch bar

Now, you have to expand the Control Strip so that you can start add or remove buttons that are part of the system. Please note, that when adding, reordering or removing buttons, you need to hold for a couple of seconds until they jiggle slightly like iPhone apps. Then simply drag buttons to add or remove them from the on-screen Control Strip.

Also, you can change buttons specifically on apps by selecting the Display option and then clicking on the tab that says Customize Touch Bar. Therefore, you can switch between the application buttons and the Control Strip without any problem. Not forgetting that you can add or remove the buttons to finish by clicking OK and that’s it.