How to activate the ‘Stealth Mode’ in WhatsApp? – Privacy tools

Sometimes it causes us all to be invisible and gain a little privacy. Therefore in WhatsApp you can implement stealth mode and go unnoticed in the enjoyment of the application with the use of privacy tools, either by hiding your profile image, choosing who to show your status to, deactivating the display of the last time you connected and the blue check in chats .

How can you hide your personal information on WhatsApp?

Taking care of privacy on social media can seem like a difficult task. Therefore, WhatsApp offers its users the privilege to set up your account so that you can hide your personal information and thus increase the privacy of WhatsApp to avoid being spied on, that is, that only your contacts see it or that nobody can see it, for this you can do the following:

activate invisible mode whatsapp

  1. Enter your WhatsApp as you always do and look for the application menu.
  2. Once you have pressed the menu of the three points that you will find in the upper right corner of the application, you must choose the privacy option.
  3. Then select the line of information and there you will have the possibility to choose that it is only visible to your contacts or to no one.
  4. Then you will have to choose the Nobody option to adopt the invisible mode in the social network.

To hide your profile picture and description box

You can make your WhatsApp profile invisible hiding description box of your profile by selecting that no one can see it, not even your contacts. In addition, you have the option to anonymize your WhatsApp profile name and proceed to hide your profile photo to be able to chat with the peace of mind that no one sees your image, much less can they steal it to use them in improper circumstances without your authorization. So to hide your profile picture do the following:

  1. Enter your WhatsApp and locate the three-point menu in the upper right corner.
  2. When you have entered the application menu, select the Settings option.
  3. Then you can click on the line called Account.
  4. Once there you have to choose the Privacy option so that you can choose the section of the profile photo.
  5. Finally, you must select the None option, so that no one can see your profile photo and your account is converted to invisible mode.

activate invisible mode privacy whatsapp

Turn off the visibility of your last connection

There are contacts that persecute you with such intensity that they wait to see if you are online to write to you, others become spies and they track you by observing when your last connection was to control your activity without your permission, therefore one way to keep your personal information hidden in WhatsApp is by deactivating the visibility of your last connection in the way that we indicate below:

  1. Open your WhatsApp application on your mobile device and go to its settings menu.
  2. Choose the section called Account identified with a key icon and select the Privacy option.
  3. Now you can see the option of the time of the last time you connected.
  4. Then choose the Last time line. Go and press the option called Nobody so that not even your contacts can monitor when was the last time you connected to the WhatsApp network.

What is the procedure to configure who sees your statuses on WhatsApp?

Keeping your life private when you use WhatsApp is complex, as there are those who even manage to see WhatsApp statuses without realizing it, for that reason the best thing is that the statuses that you upload to the network are not entirely public, for this you can choose who sees them and who does not in the following way:

configure privacy status whatsapp

  1. Enter your WhatsApp application updated with its latest version.
  2. Go to the status area of ​​the social network.
  3. Press the menu of the three dots and choose the option Status privacy.
  4. There you can configure that only all your contacts see it or establish which of them you do not want to see by adding them to the list of except those you do not want to spy on you.
  5. You can also share it with some people that you select in a separate list, taking into account that you will not be able to see the statuses that they publish either.

What should you do to disable the double blue check in your messages?

The famous blue double check in WhatsApp chats can be a double-row weapon, a trigger for complaints and problems between contacts when one does not respond and the other feel like they left him in sightTherefore, some people who want to stay in invisible mode decide to disable the double blue check, even if this means that it will not appear in the messages they send either, to do this, do the following:

  1. Enter your WhatsApp account and enter its settings.
  2. After choosing the Account option, select the privacy line.
  3. Finally, proceed to disable the read confirmation option.

disable double check blue whatsapp

How to prevent your contacts from knowing when you listen to their audios?

Having conversations through WhatsApp voice notes is quite useful and fast, because you save time without having to write, but sometimes you want your contacts not to know If you have already heard the audio that they sent you, since you may want to reply later and do not want to leave them seen, for this you just have to send the audio before playing it to a chat that you have created with yourself.

If you open a conversation with yourself and send several messages, your contact will appear at the top of preferences, then when receiving an audio do not play it Instead, keep it pressed to select it and press the arrow at the top to forward it to yourself. When that copy arrives, listen to it calmly, because your contacts will not find out that you have reproduced it.