How to activate the row of numbers on your Android keyboard? – Google Settings

Google provides Android users with a very interesting application called Gboard that allows the typing from a virtual keyboard quickly and comfortably. However, the App does not include certain attributes by default so it is worth knowing how to activate the row of numbers on your Android keyboard? from Google settings.

What is the procedure to use the Gboard keyboard on your Android?

The procedure to use the Gboard keyboard on your Android is very simple. Once you configure the application on your mobile and set the language of your preference from the settings of your cell phone You must open any application that requires the use of the keyboard and click on the space to write.

Then press the up arrow key to activate uppercase letters and press it again if you prefer to disable this function. You can also move the cursor by sliding the space bar to the right or left with your finger. Also, you can add accents by holding down a letter and opening more options.

activate number row on android keyboard

You can use the Gboard keyboard on your Android to add GIF images and emojis. In this sense, press the emoji icon and select the emoji of your choice. You can also disable suggested emojis and even choose any image GIF and insert it into your conversations. If you want to add text again, press ‘ABC’.

How to download it if you don’t have it?

Some phones already include the Gboard app by default. For this reason, it is important to check if you have it by accessing the ‘Settings’ and ‘Applications’. There, you will find the list of applications that your mobile has. If you have the Gboard App on your phone, check if the tool is up to date.

If you don’t have it, then you should know that the procedure to download Gboard from the Google Play Store is very simple. First, go to the Google Play Store application and click on the space next to the magnifying glass icon to type Gboard. Immediately, press the ‘Install’ button to download and install the application.

It is important to keep the Gboard application up to date. Periodically, go to the ‘Play Store’ application and click on your Google profile photo. Then, go to ‘Manage device and App’ and click on the option ‘Available updates’. By last, proceed to update Gboard if a recent version is displayed.

activate number pad on top of android keyboard

What to do to activate it?

It is essential to activate the Gboard keyboard on your mobile device once you download it. You should also choose the language of your preference from settings. To activate it, go to ‘Settings’ and press ‘Systems’. There, choose ‘Languages ​​and text input’. Then, press ‘Virtual keyboard’ and ‘Manage keyboards’ and thus you will activate ‘Gboard’.

How can you access the Gboard keyboard settings?

To access the Gboard keyboard settings you can enter an application like Gmail. Once you access your account, press the ‘Compose’ button and place the cursor in the space to write an email. Press the three dots that appear in the upper right part of the screen and go to ‘Settings’.

Next, you need to set the configuration of your keyboard according to your preferences. Thus, you will be able to activate functions such as voice dictation, gestural writing and add spell checking according to the language which is defined from the ‘Languages’ option. You can even set a layout by changing the color and font of your Gboard keyboard.

What should you do to put the numeric keypad on your Android mobile?

What you should do to put the numeric keypad on your Android mobile is to go to the ‘Settings’ menu of Android. Then tap on ‘Language & input’. Afterwards, select ‘Google keyboard’ and press ‘Appearance and design’. Select ‘Custom input styles’ and hit the ‘+’ symbol. Finally, choose the option ‘Spanish’ and ‘PC’.

activate numbers on android keyboard

Check if the numeric keypad has been added. In case you cannot see this attribute yet, access the Gboard App from ‘Settings’ and ‘Applications’. Then, click on ‘Preferences’ and proceed to activate the attribute ‘Row of numbers’. In this way, you can quickly access numerical values saving keyboard space.

How to set the height and size of the numbers on the Gboard keyboard?

If you want to configure the height and size of the numbers on the keyboard Gboard It is necessary to open the ‘Settings’ of the device and press ‘Applications’. Access the Gboard App and go to ‘Preferences’. Then select ‘Layout’ and hit ‘Keyboard Height’. Check the appropriate box according to your taste (from very low to very high).

Again, hit the ‘Preferences’ option and flip the switch to activate the ‘Zoom in on keypress’ function. Thus, keyboard size will be changed which is expanded by having previously added a row of numbers. For this reason, it is essential that you define an adequate size so that the keyboard fits the screen.