How to activate my main Nintendo Switch OLED account easily?

Saving data or games on another console and transferring digital content are some of the benefits that we enjoy when we have a Nintendo Switch account and the truth is that creating an account is quite simple, the difficult thing comes when we have to change our old console for a new one, be it for reasons of failures of the previous one or simply because we want to change it, the truth is that when we buy another and do not want another account, the best thing is to activate our main accountl, we have thought of you and that is why we bring this article in which we will explain how to do it.

How do I register my Nintendo Switch OLED?

To register our old Nintendo Switch console The procedure is as easy as turning on the equipment and in the ‘Home’ menu we click on the icon in the shape of a shopping bag which is the one corresponding to the ‘eShop’, we must do this in the old console.

Then we will click on the user icon that we will find it in the upper left part of the screen, it is where we put our profile photo, when we are in this section, we will go down between the options until we find the option ‘Main Console’ that is at the end.

two nintendo switch consoles

There we will notice that our old console is registered as the main console, what we have to do is unlink the console by pressing the ‘Delete Record’ button, the system will ask us for confirmation of the action we are taking, to which we will click ‘Delete Record’ again.

Then it will ask us for a security password, we introduce it and that’s it, we will see a message on the screen indicating that the registration has already been deleted and that the next console that we use to access the eShop will be automatically registered as the main console.

How many main accounts can be had on Nintendo Switch OLED?

The truth is, this is a very interesting question and it is that who would not like to have several main accounts in a single console so that we can access what we have in each of them from a single computer, so the answer to this question is what we can have up to 8 main accounts in a single console so we can manage everything from the same video game console giving us the privilege of being able to archive games available in those accounts on our Nintendo Switch, a true marvel.

How to activate your main account on Nintendo Switch OLED?

Before explaining the procedure for main account activation In Nintendo Switch we must first consider some matters of interest, to make the change of the main console in our account, we must first delete the registration of the old console and then establish the new one.

In addition, when we register a main console, anyone who uses it will be able to have the digital programs that we have acquired and finally on a secondary console, we will be the only ones who can access the digital programs purchased.

nintendo switch cartridge console

Having these points clear, to activate the account, we will enter the eShop from the old console to unregister it as the main console, then we must make the link from the new console to a new or existing user profile, from this computer and using our Nintendo account.

Now we will enter the eShop remembering that there we can download and install games, such as Fornite among others, as soon as we do this procedure, this new console will be automatically registered as main console.,

What is the way to know which account on the Nintendo Switch OLED is the main one?

To verify and be sure that the account we are using is the main account, we must use the account to enter the store that is to say to the eShop, we must do this from the video game console, then what we must look for is the section ‘Information about your Nintendo eShop Account’, there we can see if the account in use is the main one or if it is a secondary account.

nintendo switch oled console

For what reasons is it not possible to activate a main account?

If we have a problem activating a main account, we may not have created the account properly or we may not even finish the registration So the account has not been created yet, in general these types of problems do not occur since the creation of a Nintendo account is quite simple.