How to activate developer function in Play Store? -Android devices

To enable the developer function in the aforementioned application or ‘App Store’ you must access it, wait for it to load and then proceed to locate the circle of your profile. once in it, get the ‘Nut Symbol’, the one that says ‘Settings’, go in there and choose the ‘About’ section. The goal is to find the ‘Play Store version’ area and tap on it as many times as necessary.

Once you touch enough, the ‘Developer Mode’ will be activated, it grants certain benefits, but it is more understandable that it is used by ‘Programmers’. The above implies being able to use applications that have not yet been approved and verified as safe by the application center. Maybe you experience problems when searching for the App, try a method to find ‘Play Store’ and be able to activate the mode in question.

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What are the benefits of being a developer on the Google Play Store?

One of the main advantages is being able to access certain applications that are not yet approved. Security is very important, and applications must go through certain tests, considered not to be a ‘Potential Hazard’, are released for all users. Unlike ‘Developer Mode’, which allows you to share apps before they are released to the public through an internal channel.

Share apps internally

Receive Apps in advance, is the most exclusive benefit you get when you activate the developer mode in the Android application center. These situations are carried out with ‘Beta’ versions of ‘Apps’ that are still under development. So you forget to be downloading ‘APK Files’, in case you are a member of a selective group of users, in charge of testing applications in ‘Beta’ versions. If your child wants to use the App, he manages the parental control on Android.

How to know if the developer options come in your version of Play Store?

Since 2019, ‘Play Store’ added ‘Developer Mode’ for Android devices. To find out if your equipment is included there, you must take into account that it is from a later date than the one mentioned. Android version is important, since the option is only available for devices with Android 9 onwards. In the ‘Settings’ section, followed by ‘About phone’ you can check the ‘Android version’.

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Once you verify that the system version is 9 or above, it’s time to login to ‘Play Store’. From the main screen, go to the top right, in the circle of the profile, After entering there, tap on ‘Settings’, tap on ‘About’ and ‘Play Store Version’. In the latter, tap at least 5 or 7 times, until the message ‘You are already a programmer’ appears. You may have to fix annoying error-18 in Play Store, while completing the process.

How to find the hidden developer options menu in Google Play?

You can find two options to manage ‘Developer Mode’. Select the ‘Play Store’ app, again tap on the profile circle. Position yourself on the General function and enter it, you will be able to see the option called ‘Internal App Sharing’, you are free to check or uncheck the function. Please note that this section will only be available if you enable the ‘Play Store’ development mode

The same happens with the ‘Account and device preferences’ option, which is included in the ‘General’ section. Among the preferences mentioned, you will find a kind of ‘History’, with the option under the pseudonym ‘Get out of beta programs’. It is an option that is shown available if you activate development of ‘Play Store’. Recover or change your Play Store key if you lost access to it.

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How to download internal tests from the Google Play Store if you are a developer?

Once you have active the development mode of ‘Play Store’ and that you are also selected as ‘Application tester’. Access the Android ‘Application Center’, from the main screen tap on the ‘For you’ section, which is in the upper left. Wait a few seconds and click on ‘Apps in development’, choose the one that is available, so that you can be its tester, finally, select the green button that says ‘Install’, wait for it to finish and open the App.