How to access my saved Skype conversations from my PC or mobile?

Searching saved conversations in Skype can be a difficult job for those who are not very used to using this application. That is why this article explains the process for access my saved Skype conversations both on mobile phones and computers. Likewise, it will talk about how these chats are downloaded to your computer.

What steps should you follow to save a Skype conversation?

One of the most important tools for virtual encounters with other people is the Skype platform. However, Skype hides some features that many people do not know how to use. For example, many users are intrigued to know how chats are saved in Skype and how to access the conversations saved on this platform.

From your Windows PC or Mac

In Skype, when you want to save a conversation by downloading it, you should know that several types of files can be downloaded on this platform. From toudios, videos or images to files or notepads. All these files are housed in the memory of your device and you can search for it whenever you want.

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To save a conversation from a computer, the first thing you should do is enter Skype and create an account or open the session of your account. Then, in the bar at the top, you must press the option manage group. Following this, you must find the chat of the person whose conversation you want to save.

With your Android or iOS mobile device

This procedure can also be done In said chat, in the options part you must select or activate the option chat history, which will allow conversations to be saved. Now, to download them, you must go to and there you must log in to your account. Once open, at the top, touch the points to open a menu where you now have to click on settings.

There, in the menu on the left, enter account and profile to go to a section where you will have to go to the bottom to enter your account option. After that, you will see a list of categories where you must choose account details, there, you will finally see export files and chat history.

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Then, a box opens in which you must choose the conversations you want to save on your device. Once you have finalized the choice, you must click on send the request. When the file with the history of conversations or files is ready, you must proceed to press the download button.

As these are very heavy videos or images, they should be download within 30 days upon receipt of the message. Otherwise they can no longer be downloaded because their history storage will expire. If you don’t want a specific conversation to download, you must clear the conversation history.

What is the download path for Skype chats and how to access them?

After the file that contains the conversations made in your Skype account has been downloaded, it is time to find where the conversations and other files are saved, so let’s take a closer look at the process to locate these files on the computer or on mobile phones.

If you saved it on your PC

When it comes to a computer or laptop, Skype files are kept in a folder called appadata. To find it you must follow the users path, followed by your Windows username. After a slash / appdata is placed, a slash / is written again and then roaming.

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The separation of a new slash / should continue with the word skpe, to end with slash / plus the username of your Skype account. All this code must be written together, so it would be something similar a (User / WINDOWs user / AppData / Roaming / Skype / skype user). By following that path, you will find the folder where the file with the conversations is located.

When saved on mobile

On mobile phones, it is a bit different, because you must have a file manager to be able to find the things you download. Most of the phones have their own, however, in the event that your mobile does not have one of these, you can download the Esfiles explorer application. Well, it is a very useful manager where you can easily find the hidden files that are stored in the memory of the device.

If you want to share the downloaded file with a Skype friend, you can send the file via message. This does not necessarily have to be from Skype, because, as it is stored on your phone or computer, this file can be sent by other services. In this sense, you can upload the file to an email or to social networks such as WhatsApp or Telegram, which easily support the sending of large and heavy files.

After having chosen the social network or method of sending the file that contains the conversation, you must proceed to follow the above route, in the case of a computer. On the other hand, if the sending is done from a mobile, it will also be necessary to use the file manager to be able to search and select the file to be sent.