How to Access All Stores on Animal Crossing – Top Tips

Animal Crossing has been one of the jMost popular games of 2020, since it is a platform which is open to a large public whatever their age. The main idea of ​​the game is to progress little by little on your island with the construction of several buildings in order to create a capitalist metropolis, in this article we will show you how to have access to the different stores that the game has.

What do you need to do before unlocking any stores in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

The proper way to advance in the story of the game is to unlock the first buildings which will give you will allow new possibilities to get different characters, recipes to continue in the adventure. In order to unlock stores or anything else you must get berries as is the case in other games, an example would be how to get all the stars in Mario kart.

What are the stores that are easy to unlock in this game?

It must be clear that there are mainly seven stores in the game and in order to unlock them you must get 10,000 berries which you will collect little by little, remembering that you will only be allowed to open one store per day for which you would have to have a minimum of one week, the stores that you can open will be:

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  • Katrina’s store.
  • Alcatifa that has a carpet shop and a mysterious assortment of some mysterious decorations.
  • Tortimer’s curious warehouse.
  • The friendly Al and Paca who are capable of producing any piece of furniture thinking in pairs.
  • Glaudino the expert on botany.
  • Sly an art dealer.
  • Lastly, Bertunio, a bag and shoe merchant.

How to get the resources to unlock a shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

This process is relatively simple, due to the fact that you will only have to gather the berries, remember that Animal Crossing is a game that refers to capitalism, so money will never be needed in this, allowing you to pay the mortgage until you indulge in any luxury at the Mini Nook store. Here we will teach you some tricks to be able to get more berries so that you can unlock different stores, buildings and museums:

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  • Hitting the stone that generates money every day: every day one of the five stones on your island will give you money by hitting it with either an ax or a shovel, similar to the method on how to get diamonds in Minecraft, giving you access to about 15,000 berries moderately yes you get to hit her in a row without pauses.
  • Plant berry trees: on any day you will find a golden point on your island that will come out of your soil, if you dig there a bag of 1,000 berries will come out. What is curious about this is that if you plant a bag full of berries in that hole, a berry tree will end up growing, which will generate triple what you have been able to plant.
  • Sell ​​products of the day: every day there will be a product in the store that you can buy at a price of double what it is worth. If you find it easy to create, take advantage of this and generate different units. You will be allowed to sell the products of the day as long as it was you who opened the store.

Which stores are the most useful within Animal Crossing: New Horizons and how to unlock them?

The different stores that are within this game you can find for all kinds of needs, here we will leave you some and how to unlock them:

You will have to continuously play the game for 30 days, then you will have to sell and get a quantity considerable money along with Tommy and Timmy. To accomplish the task, you had to have bought and sold products with an estimated value of 200,000 bells.

What you will have to do initially to be able to unlock the store is to pay the first mortgage which has a value of 5,000 miles or 48,500 berries, the way that may be a little more viable would be to pay with miles, since at the beginning it is much more easy.

How can the location of these stores be changed in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Changing the area in which you have previously placed your buildings is something that you should consider carefully because it is not so easy, since each location is immobile until you can reach a certain point in the game and when you can move them around, this it will cost you bells. Because you must have a planning in advance so as not to make mistakes regarding the distribution or location of the buildings on your island.

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In order to unlock the option to move your buildings you will have to:

  • Stay on your island with Tom Nook’s instructions.
  • Build more things to attract the attention of the villagers to come live with you.
  • The residential services store will now be a complete building.
  • At this time Isabella will arrive on your island and new features will be unlocked in the game.

You can enjoy the Animal Crossing game on your Nintendo Switch so you may be interested in how to share games with friends on Nintendo Switch.