How much time do you spend on your iPhone?

Difficulties sleeping, reduced concentration at school or at work, headaches and many other consequences linked to prolonged use of the smartphone. As faulty as the computer, the television or a touch pad, the time spent in front of a telephone screen has harmful effects on health. To realize the time actually spent in front of its touch screen, Apple has implemented “screen time” information to realize how many hours your iPhone is on each day. More interesting, the system details which are the most used applications (each having its own time displayed), the type of applications (productivity therefore work, social networks, etc.) and even allows you to limit the number of minutes or hours during which an application or a game can be used. This is a very interesting option for parents who wish to limit the use of the smartphone by their children. For this, you will need an “iPhone family”, that is to say that one of the parents must have an iPhone and especially that the children also have one. Not within the reach of all budgets, therefore.

To realize the time spent in front of your iOS smartphone, presentation of the functionScreen time » on iPhone and iPad to highlight which applications are most used during a work day or on weekends. Then, everyone is free to manage themselves or to impose limits configured in the utility.

Screen Time is a new feature in iOS 12, Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad. The device must therefore be installed in this version of the software, whether it has been updated to iOS12 or iOS13. Also, the Facebook application offers to limit this time lost on the social network.

View Screen Time on iPhone

1. On iPhone or iPad, access the Settings and press screen time.

iphone screen time tutorial

2. Enable Screen Time. Continue. Declare whether the device is yours or a child’s (to link it to a parent’s device).

3. After activation, no information will be available yet. Different reports will be displayed after a day of use, a week, a month…

Here, the iPhone indicates that it was used for 4h10 in a single day, at the rate of almost 1h on Facebook, almost as much on the Mail application and 44 minutes of GPS navigation with Google Maps. We also see at what times of the day the telephone was used the most, here before bedtime at midnight, at the end of the morning and in the evening.

iphone screen time tutorial

The details of the applications show what use is mainly made of the iPhone. Unsurprisingly, the combination of social networking applications comes first. Luckily, a bit of sport on Strava assumes there’s been more physical activity in the day than spending four hours wiggling your fingers on a tiny screen.

iphone screen time tutorial

By grouping by category, the analysis is even clearer. Productivity (Prod.) ranks far behind Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and company, while entertainment apps follow close behind in third place.

The number of notifications received in a day is also an interesting factor to note. How many times have you been disturbed by your phone and why? Messaging such as What’sApp, Facebook Messenger or SMS reduces concentration during a working day or in progress.

iphone screen time tutorial