How much does Google Link Family cost? It’s free?

Every good father cares about his children and in this age of technology certain limits need to be set about the content that the children and adolescents of the house have access to on the internet, as well as the apps that they can have on their mobile devices. For this reason, Google has developed an App called Google Link Family that will allow these parents to supervise what their children do from their devices. But maybe as a parent you wonder if this App is that good. How much does it cost? It’s free? Join us to discover the answer to your questions and learn more about how to use this interesting Google Link Family application.

google family link app installed on mobile

The Google Link Family App has been developed as a parental control with some other very useful functions when it comes to monitoring the activity of your children on their devices, the initial age of your children to be included in the App can vary, that is, from the age at which you allow your child to own a device As a parent, you can monitor their activity on that device with the Google Link Family App. However, the age limit established by Google is between 13 and 16 years old according to the laws of the country where they live.

This in view of the fact that for Google from the age of 14, the accounts on said platform can be created without parental permissionbut even so, parents having reached an agreement with their children over 13 years of age will be able to continue supervising their activity on their mobiles with Google Link Family.

Fortunately for parents and as is often the case with the apps developed by the giant Google, this wonderful Application can download totally free from the app store of your Android device through the Play Store or for iOS in the App Store.

To start using the Google Family Link App with your child, you just have to have the App downloaded and installed on the devices that they will use. both you parents and your childrenOnce this is done, we will show you how to link them through this application.

  • Open the Google family link App installed on your device, when you do so you will be shown the following question: Who is going to use this phone? Along with three answer options: Father, Mother or Tutor, you just have to click on the one that corresponds to you.
  • After indicating your answer, another question will be displayed: Do you want to be a family manager? Next to your Gmail, if you want to be an administrator you just have to select your email and you will have already configured your account in this App.
  • If your child does not yet have a Google email, that is, a Gmail account, you must create one for him before you can link him to Google Family Link. Once they have created it, you can tell the application configuration assistant that he does have an account. Gmail to proceed with the link.

create gmail account

  • To link your child you must open the Google Family link App installed on your phone and when the first question of the assistant is displayed: Who is going to use this phone? Click on the option; Child or adolescent as the case may be. By doing this you will receive a code with 9 digits on your own phoneyou must enter it in your child’s where the system indicates it.
  • Once the code has been entered, the App configuration wizard on your child’s phone will show your child’s name followed by the question, do you want to join the family group? Now you just have to click on the ‘Join’ option.
  • When you indicate that you want to join, you will be shown a list of what your parents will not be able to observe about your activity and in what they will not be able to intervene, when you see this you just have to press next.
  • Finally you will need to enable the ‘Family Link Manager’ feature selecting activate on the screen that will be shown below, then you must assign a name to the device and also activate its GPS, whose tool will be very useful together with this Google Family Link App.

activated parental control

What other alternatives do you have to Google Family Link?

Although Google Family Link is undoubtedly a very good tool to monitor your children’s activity from their mobile devices and even control how long they can use them, said App will not allow you to block harmful content for them, for this reason it is necessary that you make use of other alternatives to Google Family Link App that you can easily uninstall when you no longer need it and use others that do give you the ability to block such content.

Among these alternatives you will find YouTube parental control, with which you can restrict your children’s access to videos with content that is harmful to them or at least indicates that they are not suitable for minors. On the other hand, we also have the possibility of configuring the filters for Kodi’s parental control, which is necessary since content that can be harmful to minors in the house is shown on said Streaming platform.

In the same way, you can do it with the Amazon Prime Streaming platform, another alternative in which you can control what your children see. In addition to these there are multiple applications available for both Android and iOS that allow you to control the time of use and the content of what your children see from their mobile phone.