How much does an Uber driver earn in New York?

How much does an Uber driver earn in New York?

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How much does an Uber driver earn in New York?

It seems that many people in New York are looking for their own small business, along with independence and the best income they can provide.

Uber drivers in New York earn an average of $25.91 per ride. They average two trips per hour. They work an average of 30 hours per week.

Gross income for New York drivers is $80,839 per year (before taxes). Net income is $45,545 per year (before taxes). Net hourly earnings are $29 per hour (before taxes).

First of all, it is important to know how the cost of a trip is calculated. In New York, Uber charges the passenger the fare for the trip (time and distance), plus a base fare and a minimum fare.

Uber X, the platform’s most popular basic travel class, currently has a zero base fare price of $1.62 per mile, $0.74 per minute, with a $5 cancellation fee and $8 minimum fare.

New York, NY $51.82

Average income in dollars according to the Uber service

What percentage does an Uber driver earn in New York?

UberX drivers: $11.50 per hour

UberXL drivers: $14.84 per hour

UberBLACK drivers: $24.87 per hour

UberSUV drivers: $25.38 per hour

Requirements to work at Uber in New York

Below we present the minimum requirements that vehicles must have to work with Uber New York

  • Model year 2006 or later
  • 4-door car or minivan
  • Good condition, no cosmetic damage
  • no trademark
  • Undergo a vehicle inspection at a New York State DMV inspection facility
  • Have TLC plates, be commercially insured and affiliated with a base
  • A TLC license

Tax payment

In addition, Uber drivers in the United States must pay taxes for working as independent contractors. For this reason, you must complete a 1099 form each year.

Uber accepts official and temporary registration documents. The vehicle does not have to be registered in your name to be eligible, but the VIN on the insurance must be compatible with the VIN on record.

All partners must have their own insurance policy in accordance with local and state laws. In addition, Uber carries auto liability insurance on behalf of all partners in the US.

It must include your name as the driver, as well as the make and year of the vehicle.

Real-time rates with Uber in New York:

  • Car Seat. Cost per minute: $0.66. Cost per mile: $1.46.
  • Uber Pool. Cost per minute: $0.66. Cost per mile: $1.46.
  • UberXL. Fee basis: $3.46.
  • UberX. Cost per minute: $0.66.
  • Black. Fee basis: $6.96.
  • Black SUV. Fee basis: $13.25.

How much do you earn at Uber Eats New York

UberEATS is currently available throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Restaurant selection varies by delivery location. Open the app to see the restaurants that ship directly to you. We’re busy adding more of New York’s best restaurants every day.

How much does UberEATS cost?

UberEATS offers different meals with varied prices, it has a flat reservation fee of $2.99.

Prices and offers on the UberEATS website and the UberEATS app may vary from those of the restaurant.

Website and social networks

Uber has other channels in case you cannot communicate on the customer service line. Below we leave you the links of social networks and website and email.

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