How does playing Roblox affect children and what to do to protect them?

Roblox is an online game that has been in the video game market for more than a decade, it has been very successful among children due to the possibility of create a world of your own and interact with other people.

But like any online game, children are exposed to dangers. In the next article we will talk more about this game and what to do to protect our children.

What is the Roblox gaming platform?

Roblox is one of the most popular video games among children, this is an online multiplayer game that anyone can use regardless of age. Consists in create your own game using tools of development patented by Roblox.

It is a Lego system where you can create your own worlds. You can find survival games, adventures in dungeons killing monsters. After registering you will be able to:

  • Create your avatar which you can customize with clothes, accessories, facial expressions.
  • Create games.
  • Share your creations.
  • Join groups.
  • Chat with other people.

roblox game running

The game has its own currency called Robux, which you can use for many things like buying special costumes, animations for your avatar, skills, weapons.

You can get this currency by buying it, like part of a Premium subscription, making trades, getting another user to make a donation to you. It can also be earned by charging other users to play games you have created and for items in your games.

The value of the Premium memberships offered by Roblox are:

  • $4.99 USD per month for 450 Robux.
  • $9.99 USD per month for 1,000 Robux.
  • $19.99 USD per month for 2,200 Robux.

Main risks of the Roblox platform for children

The Roblox game is very attractive for children due to its characteristics, since they can play with other people and interact with them. They have thousands of different games to play.

In addition, your favorite youtubers also use this platform and create virtual worlds. But not everything is good, there are risks when using this platform and we are not talking about problems in Roblox. Here we explain what it is.

can cause addiction

Like any other internet game it can cause addiction, that’s why overuse needs to be controlledsince it can cause disorders in the development of the child.

It is important to establish a schedule for the child to play and it should not be every day, in this way your child will be able to carry out other activities to entertain himself, rest, fulfill his school duties and at home. The warning signs that your son has an addiction to are:

  1. They only talk about the game when they are away from console or PC.
  2. If they are not playing they have mood swings, feel sad, are aggressive or defensive.
  3. They spend a lot of time playing.
  4. He shows no interest in playing with other children or interacting with his friends.
  5. Stop doing things like eating, grooming, or sleeping so you don’t stop playing.
  6. Use the game to escape from reality.

signs of video game addiction in children

contact with strangers

Roblox has a chat so that its users can interact, conversations are filtered and inappropriate language is replaced with symbols. Also has human monitors who monitor the content. Despite these measures, there are people who manage to jump the barriers, so it is important for parents to be vigilant.

It is vital to explain to children the dangers that exist on the Internet, that they should not accept private messages from strangers, not give their personal information, not pass the conversation to platforms such as Facebook or another social network.

Parents are advised to enable the contact settings found in the privacy section to prevent the child from chatting with other people or limiting conversations to friends only.

Content not suitable for minors

Every day we see how inappropriate content grows on the network, That’s why it’s important for parents to be involved with what their children do on the Internet. Roblox was a game made for kids, but people of any age can join in too.

The freedom offered by the platform to create their own games has led to ill-intentioned people breaking the rules with sexual content. There are games known as ‘Condominiums’ where they openly talk about sex and they practice it through their avatars.

The platform tries to prevent inappropriate topics from being generated by restricting the content of inappropriate users, which are detected by software filters and the control of more than 2,000 moderators.

turn on parental control in roblox

How can I protect children when playing on Roblox?

There are different measures that you can take as a parent to protect your child from possible dangers in the Roblox game.

Activate parental control

Roblox does not offer parental controls, but it does provide options to change account settings and be able to lock it with a PIN to prevent it from making changes without your permission. It is important that you do not forget this PIN. To activate this PIN you must follow the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Roblox with your child’s account.
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ located at the top right.
  3. Select ‘Security’.
  4. Activate the ‘Account PIN’ option.
  5. Enter a four-digit PIN.
  6. Done, you can no longer make changes without this PIN.

There is an ‘Account Controls’ option, which will give your child a safe environment. when activated access to unreviewed content will be blocked on the platform. In this way, the child will only have access to games that are verified and free of inappropriate content. The ‘Contact Settings’ is also disabled with this no one will be able to chat with the account owner.

Limit the amount of time they play

It is necessary to establish a game schedule, in this way we will prevent the child from can create a gambling addiction. Agree with your child how many hours a day he is going to play, it is recommended that it be less than three hours.