How do you turn off notifications (notifications) on a Mac?

Notifications, in other words notifications in a Mac look great, they constantly provide us with new and important information. Whether it’s something from your personal life or a notification of a new message via iMessage, the latest weather and / or an email message, notifications on a Mac are useful.

However, there are also times when notifications in a Mac are less convenient, such as when sharing a screen, watching a movie, or playing a game. The good news is that notifications on a Mac are easy to disable. In this tutorial, I will explain step by step how to turn off notifications on a Mac.

Temporarily disable notifications on Mac

It’s not always necessary to turn off notifications (notifications) on a Mac forever. For example, if you are going to play a game, or have a meeting via the webcam, it is possible to activate the “do not disturb” function. The “do not disturb” function prevents notifications as long as the function is activated.

do not disable macClick with the mouse, or swipe the notification screen with your finger from the top right corner.

Swipe or navigate up in the Today tab to open the “Do Not Disturb” option. Click the On or Off slider to enable or disable the undisturbed feature. If the do not disturb function is enabled, notifications are temporarily not displayed.

Configure messaging on a Mac

Good news, you can configure the notification and notifications as you wish. On your Mac system preferences and select Messaging.

In the new window, select Do Not Disturb from the menu. In this notification notification menu, you can configure the Do Not Disturb feature by setting the “Do not enable do not disturb:” option.

There is also an option to turn off notification when your Mac is connected to a projector or other device, such as an Apple TV.

configure notification mac

If you want, you can set whether you want to receive your specific message, for example if someone sends several calls in a row. The message will only be sent if the call is from the same person and the message is sent several times within 3 minutes.

Set up notifications for each application

Another handy feature on a Mac is that you can set notifications per application. You can choose to allow notifications for a specific application while disabling notifications for another application.

Change notifications per application mac

To set notifications per application, open the notification screen and click on the gear icon at the bottom to open the Notifications menu. On the left side of the Messaging menu, select the application.

You can change the notification (notifications, notifications) per application, for example: No notifications, strips, notifications, display notifications on locked screen, display notification in message center or play a sound on a new notification.

Hopefully it’s clear how you can disable or change notifications on a Mac! Burden of annoying advertising or a slow Mac, Make Mac faster and cleaner.