How do I uninstall Skype for Business from my Windows 10? – The whole process

Skype for Business developed by Microsoft is listed as a excellent communication toolAbove all, when it comes to running business meetings with up to 250 people simultaneously, sending messages in group chat or instantly, and making video calls from a PC without having any problem.

Although it has so many benefits, it continues to present significant problems in relation to storage space, Office365 requirements or synchronization failures, forcing the employer to abandon its use. Correctly uninstalling Skype for Business is not an easy task because being an Office365 user it will be necessary delete the program in its entirety.

How can you prevent Skype from starting automatically on your PC?

Skype tends to have an automatic start at the precise moment you turn on the computer, which sometimes it can be annoying. Therefore, to prevent this action from being executed, you must go to the system settings, and sink in tools or general settings, then proceed to select the item that cites ‘Options’.

This will cause a menu of options to be broken down, among these many, there will be an item that says ‘Personal’, followed by the alternative ‘Automatically start the application when logging in to Windows’ and ‘Start the application in the foreground’, the which is necessary for the user to disable, and then click on the accept button, and in this way, the changes made will be applied.

What is the procedure to uninstall Skype for Business from your computer?

There are two specific procedures that depend on the type of user, one works for those who have independent versions of the same Skype for Business, while the other, are for those who own the Office365 program in its entirety. Therefore, the entire process is explained in detail below:

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  • The first procedure consists of locating and opening the control panel on a Windows PC, once there, you have to go to the Programs tab, then select ‘Programs and Features’ to break down the option of ‘Uninstall or change a program’, choose Skype for Business and that would be it.
  • The second procedure starts in the control panel, where you have to locate the Microsoft Office Suite package, when you select it, it will show all the installed applications, click on the ‘Change’ tab followed by ‘Add or remove Features’, Look for Skype for Business and check ‘Not available’, this way you will disable the application.

In the previous procedure, it is only possible to disable the application since being a Microsoft 365 user, it is impossible to exclusively uninstall Skype for Business, because it is integrated with the other applications belonging to the program.

From the registry editor

You need to log out of your account first, then you will need to delete any history of login information including cache, all to prevent the app from opening automatically.

Then proceed to close the application, and delete it like any other, from your exe file. from the system, now go to the search bar to locate the control panel, once there, I looked for Skype for Business again and click on the ‘Uninstall’ option.

When the uninstall is complete, head over to the Registry Editor and open the ‘Edit’ tab, here you will also need to search for Skype for Business and delete all entries that you find related to this application, after accepting the messages that may appear.

registry editor search

With the command line CMD

Using command line used with command prompt program, so it remains to locate it in the Windows search bar, and type the command line Config.xml, in order to be able to run the program in charge of installing the applications on the system.

This must be opened in maintenance mode so that it gives control to the user to make any changes in the installation of the Office in question, through the CMD put the / MODIFY option so that you can add or remove the characteristics of said Skype.

What to do to remove Skype for Business from your application registry in Windows 10?

Before even trying to delete an application from the registry, it is important to mention that you have to be meticulous with the steps to be taken because you are going to expose the entire system to danger, therefore, backup is recommended and safeguard your information.

Now, you must select Windows + R to open the run pop-up box, there place the word Regedit and hit enter, which will take you to the registry editor. If you want to save this, you just have to locate said program in the search bar.

Once in the registry editor, click on the option ‘Edit’ followed by ‘Search’, proceed to write Skype in the box that appears there, sink accept, and to finish with the elimination of the application from your registry, just use the right click of your mouse to clear search lists.

registry editor program

How do you know if Skype for Business is completely uninstalled from your PC?

The most effective way to know if your Skype for Business is completely uninstalled is through the control panel, this is the only one that can show you if there are still records, entries or any other type of file related to that application.

To check, you must position yourself on the panel and press where ‘Programs’ is mentioned, then access the tab ‘Programs and characteristics’, and in the list that appears there, of all the current or existing applications in the operating system, try searching for Skype for Business, and if it is deleted, you will not find results related to the search.

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