How do I set up a speed camera alert on my Waze route? – Regions available

If you want to use a driving App that does not give you surprises when it comes to speeding up in a certain area, We recommend Waze. This is the traffic and navigation app that is based on your community. In other words, its users themselves report road problems. This application is free and can be found in the PlayStore virtual store, available for both Android and iOS. Now we’ll help you figure out how to set up a speed camera alert on your Waze route.

How do speed cameras work in Waze?

The radars check the entry of a car in a certain area and its exit. They measure the average speed from those moments with the purpose of help comply with speed measures and at the same time to drive with great caution. The application informs you well before entering an area that is controlled by radars.

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When you approach an area that has radars, you will notice an alarm on the map and you will hear a voice alert that will inform you that you are approaching a radar. If you do not exceed the speed limits, only an alarm will appear on the map. You must bear in mind that this function will only be activated in an area with radars.

How to correctly configure alerts in Waze?

If you want to configure the speed camera alerts of your application in a correct way, you must open Waze as usual, with your finger scroll from left to right until the menu appears. In the upper left corner you will find a wheel icon, click on it to access the settings and then select ‘Alerts and notices’. Again, click on ‘Alerts’ and then on ‘Speed ​​Cameras’. Finally, you only have to activate ‘show on map’ and ‘warn while driving’. By sliding the controller to the right.

What should you do to set the speed limit?

To set the speed limits in your Waze application, you must activate the speedometer and thus find out the speed at which you are driving and that way you know when you exceed the speed limits. To activate the speedometer follow the steps below. Go into Waze and click on ‘Settings’, now click on Speedometer, now you are going to activate ‘Show speedometer’. This appears on the map while you are driving, when you reach the safety limits, it gives you an alert.

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How to report a speed camera in the Waze app?

It is very possible that on your route you get some road problem and you want to share the information in Waze for the benefit of other users who take the same route as you. To do this, take the following suggestions.

For example if you want to report a closed street, while you are inside the application, press the button to send comments, which you will find in the lower right corner of your screen. That button is the one that captures the closed lane, then we click on the close button. It is important to stop your car to accurately indicate where the road is closed. In such a case that you cannot stop, you can save the route in the location application and then continue with the process.

What are the places available to use the radars?

We have a variety of radars. We are going to talk about them, but above all we are going to discover where each of them could be located. ‘Mobile radars or cinemometers with operator’. These are generally incorporated into camouflaged cars or official Civil Guard cars. ‘Fixed speed cameras or cinemometers without operator’. These are located in the cabins, on the sides of the road, and can also be on the porches or poles.

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‘Radars of sections’. These are more reliable than fixed radars, because they find the average speed that we take from point A to point B. It is mandatory to maintain a speed similar to or less than that established during the journey.

What other settings can you make on your Waze speed cameras?

Waze is a very complete application and it allows you to change your starting point and at the same time configure the navigation interface to avoid distractions, so that the application shows you the maps and warnings of your choice.

  • First, we are going to configure the map display. There we will see several elements. How, for example, the Wazers, in order not to distract us, it is better to deactivate them and thus we will not see the icons of other drivers who use the application.
  • Another option we can set the speedometer. The speed that this marks us is much more precise than that of our car or motorcycle, so it does not hurt to know it. However, it can be configured so that it only reflects when we go above the set speed.