How do I see and interpret my Gmail email statistics?

Thanks to the current functions of Gmail, we can know the amount of emails we have sent, the ones we have received, all the emails we have marked as spam, conversations within the Gmail chat, busiest days, time to send emails, etc. If you want to know all this information within a Gmail account, here we show you how.

How can you view your Gmail statistics from your mobile or PC?

When we talk about wanting view Gmail statistics We find various methods to perform them and numerous pages that offer this type of information analysis, some methods are through the official Gmail page while others are supported by an external page. Therefore, we will show you how to know the statistics through Email Analytics and using Gmail meter.

Email Analytics

Email Analytics is a web page of paid services that offers us a completely detailed analysis of the Gmail account, showing us all the necessary information to have the complete statistics of a Gmail email account, since it offers us to know the emails sent in a specific period of time.

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In addition, the emails received, conversations with third parties that are active until that moment, emails sent to the spam folder and the graph of the data that were shown for a better comparison. As we have said, this is a paid application but it has the opportunity to used for 14 days with your free trialTherefore, in order to know the statistics of our account using this platform, we must enter the page and click on ‘try for free’.

Then, when using the trial version, we must accept all the terms of use of the page and access with the Gmail account to which you want to know its statistics. Upon entering the Email Analytics platform we can begin to configure all the data and depending on the period of time that we have configured for the account statistics to be carried out, being the longest analysis time three years, it may take about 10 minutes to get the statistics out with a good internet connection.

With Gmail Meter

Gmail Meter is a web application that offers statistics and analysis services from a Gmail email account, offering us a weekly report sent directly to our Gmail account, showing us in tables and graphs all the important statistical data from the last week. Although it is presented to us for free, it will have certain limitations, so to enjoy all the tools that Gmail Meter offers us, we must make use of its paid version, costing $ 15 per month.

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The way to use this tool can be through the official website of Google Meter or through Google Script. The way to enter through Google Script, which was the original way to use Gmail Meter, is using a spreadsheet inside drive and then, inside the tools menu, you would have to click on the ‘Gallery of scripts ‘. Once there, it would search for ‘Gmail Meter’, to later click on ‘Install’.

Finally, we are going to configure all the data within the corresponding boxes and allow access to the account. Now, if the use of Gmail Meter is required from a broader field and with many more tools, we will have to use it from its web page, where we will only have to enter and accept the conditions of use, fill in the information boxes, making use of it. weekly.

How to use G Suite to interpret your Gmail email statistics?

For a better management of our accounts, we must make use of G suite, this is a paid service from Google that allows us to create various emails that revolve around the business area, thus letting us know the reports of the data analysis of all the emails that have been sent and received automatically. This account management through G suite can be done through its website or through its mobile application.

From the mobile app

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To use the G suite mobile application, all you have to do is install the gmail app and at the top add the business account. Then, accept all the terms of use and within the email settings, we will be able to observe the statistics that are offered to us within the account.

With the official website

If we use G suite from its website, we must enter the business account from the Gmail website and at the top, where our profile photo appears and in the drop-down menu we will click on ‘Google Account’ . Within the tab that has been opened, we must select in personal information and privacy.

At the end of this tab we will find a box that says ‘Manage the Google activity section’, observing the various options to be able to see everything we do within our email. If we want to be a little more specific according to the information, we must click on ‘Google Dashboard’.