How do I scan a QR Code from my phone without apps? – Tutorial

To this day we constantly use QR codes which are very helpful to us to pass any type of information through images. So, since it is something so implemented, it is necessary to know:How to scan a QR Code from my phone no apps? Next, we will indicate all the information you should know about this type of code and the simplest steps so that you can learn to do it from your device.

What to do to activate the function of scanning QR codes from a mobile phone?

If at any time you have come to see an image with different hieroglyphs arranged in a strange way on a square, you should know that this is a QR code.

how to scan qr

Specifically, these are used by different companies to share information comfortably and we can even create our QR from Word. It is worth mentioning that these can be find any place, either printed on physical sheets or digitally from our device.

Luckily the manufacturers have included this option in the camera of our device, but this will depend on the phone we have and how current it is. Specifically, among the best known alternatives that integrate this function is Xiaomi, Google and many more where to be able to use it or see if our phone has this option we must access the camera directly.

From the phone camera

Find the camera application in the list of your phone and access the settings in the icon that appears in the upper area. Then look in the menu for an option called ‘Scan QR code’ or options similar to that. It is clear that this is usually deactivated and therefore we will only have to configure it with the sliding button that comes out next to it.

how to scan qr code

It should be mentioned that other brands integrate this function differently, such as LG that integrates this option from ‘HiVision’ where you will only have to activate it and accept the terms that are indicated to you. When you have finally managed to activate the option you can implement it for various uses where one of them is to scan the QR code of a song in Spotify to be able to share it or listen to it quickly.

How to scan a QR code using your cell phone?

In the first place, to be able to scan any type of code comfortably, we must advise ourselves that our phone offers us this tool. You also need to know how to do it based on device that you have where the easiest way to do it is without having to download any application.

From Android devices

For its part, not all the phones of this company have the scanner option where it is necessary to use the Google Assistant ‘. Specifically, with this platform where you only have to enter it and mention ‘Ok Google’ to later press the Google Lens application icon. For its part, this is a very useful application where pressing on it will open the camera to place the code and wait for it to be scanned. Also, to implement this option we can commonly enter our camera.

Then, in the options bar, look for an icon of a square with a point in the middle where when pressing on it we will automatically activate the Google Lens app. Then, it is only necessary to correctly position the code of the frame with the camera so that it can detect it and give us all the necessary information. It should be mentioned that this application is integrated into our cell phone when we obtain it, however if that is not your case you can download Google Lens and when you obtain it you will only have to enter it and start using it.

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Likewise, it may happen that our device has its type of native application to be able to do it where the most recognized are QR Code and Optical Reader. For this reason, it is necessary that let’s search well in the available applications before having to download a new one or use it directly from the camera. It should be mentioned that in the case of accessing WhatsApp Web, you must scan with another process.

Scan a code on iPhone

To do it from this device you only have to enter the camera and place the option ‘Rear camera’. Subsequently, place the QR code behind the camera in the best way where the edges are centered and make sure it is don’t be too far Of the device. Then, the camera will immediately recognize the code and by doing so you will receive a notification, in the top bar you must select the notification to be able to open the link which has the code and see what it is about.