How do I reset my TikTok profile password? – Security settings

TikTok is one of the applications that have become more relevant and have managed to position themselves in the world of entertainment, thanks to the boom that it had at the beginning of the pandemic and the creation of videos with more than 15 seconds. Is application exists since 2016 so many people had already created accounts, but by not frequenting them they cannot remember their password.

If you are one of those who do not remember, the TikTok application has an option that allows you to reset the password And so you can enter the account that you have previously generated, you only need to meet the requirements and follow a series of steps that TikTok requires. If you don’t know how to restore your account, find out how to do it with us below.

What should you do before resetting the password of a TikTok account?

Before you go for the password reset option, you must first make sure have tried any of the keys that you could use when creating the account or another of your social networks, because if it is one you can save a procedure, you can also check if it is not suspended.

Verify that your account is not suspended

It is a procedure that you can check because if it is suspended won’t let you reset your password And the account might not even appear within TikTok and you have to create a new one. You can check if it is suspended in the following way:

  • You must ask someone close to you that check through your accountBy placing your username in the search engine to see if your profile still appears, because if it is suspended, the profile will no longer appear because it is deleted or blocked for other people.

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How can you reset your password for your TikTok account?

There are different ways to recover the password of your TikTok account and that will depend on which one you will use as the case may be that present that can be:

If you are logged in

When you are logged into your TikTok account, but you don’t remember what the password is, you can do this procedure to be able to observe it:

  • Enter the TikToK application in the ‘My profile’ section.
  • Click on the three vertical dots in the upper left corner.
  • You will be loaded with the options where you must enter ‘Privacy and Settings’.
  • Once here you must enter ‘Manage account’ and in the ‘Password’ part.
  • By entering here you can change the password.

When you are not logged in

When you are not logged in, the procedure can be a bit longer and you may need more requirements and you do it by following these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is open the TikTok application.
  • Enter the section that leads you to register.
  • Press the login button at the bottom of the screen.
  • The requirements to start the session will open in a new window.
  • You must click on where it says ‘Forgot your password?’.
  • It will load a section where you will have to choose why you can recover your account, either by changing the password with your email or your phone number.
  • When you get the code, enter it and accept.

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What to do if you still can’t reset your TikTok profile password?

When you have already tried all the procedures that we have mentioned above, but you have not managed to change the password of your TikTok account, you can choose to do it through technical support, which is the tool that the company has where solutions are found for all the problems that the user may have.

To get help from technical support you must access the ‘Support’ section using the link that appears in the application, then writing an email message where you must capture and explain all the problems that are happening to be able to modify the password.

When you send it it may take a little time and that the response is not immediate, because TikTok does not operate a computerized system, but works with real people who help you solve problems.