How do I reset my profile data on Bumble? – Start again

In some cases it is necessary to take a break from social networks and therefore accounts are canceled in some applications, such as Bumble. However, you may not be so sure of the decision made and you want to go back to the virtual wave wanting to return to the application. In these cases, it is necessary reset my profile data on Bumble. So, this article will explain how to do this procedure to reuse your account either with the intention of making friends, finding love or expanding professional contacts.

What happens when you reset an account within Bumble?

It is very similar to the Tinder application and is considered one of the best dating and flirt services. What makes it special is that it is focused on feminism, since the woman is the one who has the decision and power to start the conversation.bumbles reset profile

When you close your account, Bumble takes a period of 30 days to remove the information provided from your system. Therefore, it is possible that resetting your profile within this period of time will recover conversations, matches and likes. Thus, Bumble does not penalize or display the reset profile less frequently on the platform.

However, repetitively resetting a profile in a short time can have a negative effect. In this sense, your account may receive sanctions, among which they stand out that fewer connections may be received and may also influence other users to think that this profile is a false one. Similarly, there is a risk that the Bumble server will permanently lock the account.

On the other hand, if you later want to take a break from the application you can use the Snooze Mode. This is an alternative that allow your profile not to be seen by other people for as long as you want. This can be of 1 day, 3 days, 1 week or indefinitely, keeping the chats and connections. It is possible to activate and deactivate this option and choose its duration in the settings.

How can you reset your profile on this site?

Successfully resetting your Bumble account gives you the opportunity to start from scratch in app. That is, you can use new photos and images, a different bio, and even a different Facebook account. It should be noted that to restore your profile in the application you must delete the account to start a new one in which it will be possible to start interesting conversations with other people such as friends or users that you did not have added to the old account.

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Before performing the Bumble account restoration process, it is necessary to remember that Bumble sanctions the continuous restoration of the same account. However, repeating this process in several occasions may not cause consequences nor affect how often the account is shown to other users. Therefore, the steps to follow to correctly reset the profile in Bumble are explained below.

On a mobile device

To do it through the Android and iOS operating systems you must open the Bumble app on your mobile device. Then it is recommended to choose to link with Facebook. In this way, Bumble will import the important information from the profile into the account of this social network.

This information is understood by your name, age, date of birth, photos, email account, among others. At the end of the link you can configure the profile by complementing the information already provided and then start sliding.

From a computer

To reset the Bumble profile using a computer you have to enter through the browser on its official page. Once there you have to select the option ‘Register’, then you will be asked to choose a method to continue with the registration. Such methods are logging in with Apple, logging in with Facebook, or using a phone number.bumble profiles

By selecting the option of your preference you can start editing your profile by adding the requested information. Now, if you enter through Facebook you can save time because with this option, Bumble imports account information. At the end of the registration you can review and modify the information you want to share, since it may be visible to other profiles.

Among the information that must be provided is name, username of your Bumble account, age, date of birth, email. Likewise, you have the option of including gender, your sexual preferences, religion, telephone number, location, among others. It is recommended to reflect on the information to provide in the profile, it is accessible to other users and could lead to misuse.