HONOR is back with GMS to be able to use all functions. Ready to enter the mobile phone, tablet and PC market

HONOR officially back to market in Thailand After being silent, there was no news. By returning to launch this time, it guarantees that the smartphone of the camp has GMS making it possible to connect to Google and Play Store by means of SYNNEX Acting as a distributor in Thailand

After Huawei faced problems with the US government banning the use of GMS, including its subsidiary Honor at the time, it was also numbered. Making the market in Thailand to stop stubbornly, despite the fact that there are many cool mobile phones in our house, we should remember Honor Play well.

Honor reborn after leaving the shadow of Huawei

But after a while, Huawei decided to sell. Honor out so that the company can continue The Digital China Group and the Shenzhen government took over. And has tried to continue the brand’s breath with Magic UI, the company’s operating system. Until finally able to produce new smartphones, including the top model like Honor Magic, there is also a continuation.

Honor is licensed to use Google Mobile Service (GMS).

That’s not enough, because the new Honor team can also apply for a GMS application from Google. Make smartphones that are sold that can use Google services that are fully integrated. Confirmed with Honor’s launch event in Europe, highlighting the theme of GMS, guaranteeing that it’s available right out of the box.

Returning to the Thai market this time, Honor Thailand has appointed SYNNEX as a distributor and provides comprehensive after-sales service. which this time in addition to smartphones There are also tablets, laptops, and wearable devices. with plans to open Honor Experience Stores to 5 branches across Thailand

from the report of Honor Thailand Fans Then there has been talk of smartphones that will be sold in Thailand as well. saw that in the beginning That should be the entry group to get started at an affordable price first. For those who are waiting for a top model like Honor 70 or Honor Magic 4, they will definitely wait to follow. Personally, the system is Android on Magic UI that can still be updated continuously.

source : thaipr , honor thailand fanclub