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Hialeah Hospital

Call Hialeah Hospital’s toll-free phone number or hotline (01800), Outpatient Services, Diagnostic and Imaging, Health Insurance Enrollment. Hialeah Hospital has other channels in case you cannot get through on the customer service line. Below are the links to social networks and the Hialeah Hospital website, where you can also find telephone numbers, addresses, service centers, technical assistance and other information about the company.

Customer service phone Hialeah HospitalUSA (305) 693-6100

Hotline Physician Referrals: (800) 470-7422

Business Office Service Number: (305) 557-1616

Call center Emergency Room: (305) 835-4370

Customer service phone Human Resources: (305) 835-4737

Labor Hot Line: (305) 835-4106

Labor and Delivery Service Number: (305) 835-4300

Imaging Hotline: (305) 835-4720

Home Health call center: (305) 919-7842

Customer service operators are also available every day to attend to all your requirements and concerns. To obtain information about Hialeah Hospital you can access: