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My Hero Academia 3- My Hero Academia is a famous Japanese tv series and it also called Boku no Hero Academia in the local Japanese language. Like the other Anime series Boku no Hero, Academia is also adapted from the japans superhero manga series Comics. My Hero Academia  season 3 is written by Kohei Horikoshi and is also Illustrated By him. Producer of the series is Bones. The Third season of My Hero Academia is aired on TV 7, April 2018 to 29 September 2018. This season starts with episode 39 of the series. The first opening song of the series is Odd Future by Uverworld. The ending theme song was Update by MIwa(episode 39-51). The Second opening song makes my story by Lenny code fiction and the closing song is long Hope Philia by Masaki Suda.

The Total Episodes are 25 in the season. This was broadcaster weekly on Saturdays 17:30 JST. Producers are Shueisha and TOHO animation. The animation is done in Bones Studios. All Episodes has a duration of 23 min per episode. The animation in this season is also good the soundtracks are also on the point. As usual like the anime series this one also has great action scenes, emotion scenes, and more fun in it.

My Hero Academia  Season 3 Story Line –

In The Summer 1-A and 1-B Class’s heroes are in the training camp. A group Trainers makes the students use their quirks at the peak point. They Face new Challenges and new things to learning. The Training is turned into a survival task. Just like the other seasons, this season is also about fighting with the villains. The Season started with a Boom in the first few episodes but in middle is was not like the beginning. But in the end, it Picked the rhythm and entertained the audience very well. The story has no loose ends. A story is great. The new characters are amazing and the old ones are as usual great. With breathtaking scenes and suitable music themes, this seasons bring entertainment back in between the audience. The show is very easy for everyone to fall. In the first few episodes, the forest training camp arc is showed. These episodes are very clear. New characters are introduced in the beginning. The fight scenes are well animated and directed with perfect cuts. There are many good developed scenes in the season.

Main Characters of My Hero Academia 3 –

This season we got many new Valuable Characters. Deku came back with new fight style. Bakugo is the best corrector in the season. He is most unique in the My Hero Academia. Beku is hero character and kirishma was caring for Bakugo. Following are the Main Characters –

Izuku Midoriya (Deku) – Deku is a kind and a very intelligent boy. He has so much knowledge about the heroes. He wants to be like his idol heroes. He saved bakugo from a villain and he is chosen to become the Holder of One for all. He has written almost 13 notebooks on his favorite super heroes. He Achieved his dreams and became a super hero.

Katsuki Bakugo – Katsuki is the classmate of Izuku and his also childhood friend. Izuku uses to call katsuki by the name Kacchan. He developed his quirk too early at the young age. Once Bakugo also Bullied Izuku for not being Quirk. This was his miss understanding. Bakugo wants to be a super hero but his works make him look more villain than Hero. Finally, he realized that his class is more skilled than him so stopper Bullying Izuku.

Ochako Uraraka – Ochako Uraraka is the best friend of Izuku. she has the quirk of being zero gravity. She can make any object Float with just help of her finger tips. She also calls Izuku by the name deku because he never gives up. Ochako came from a low middle-class family. Her family members are construction workers. Izuku has the large crush on Ochako.

Tenta Lida – Tenya Lida is the president of the 1-A class. He is Very serious and scary and he is honest because he also wants to be a super hero. Tanya Got some mis understanding with Shizuku but later he realized that izuku is better than him he apologizes for the behavior. His quirk is Engine and he has super speed.

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Shoto Todoroki – He is half cold and half hot. yes, that is his quirk. he is also a student of class 1-A. He can generate fire and ice with his body. The second top hero Endeavor is the father of Shoto Todoroki.

Toshinori Yagi – He is also born quirk less same like Izuku. Gran Torino was his trainer.

Besides Them Yuga Aoyama, Tsuyu Asus , Momo Yaoyorozu, Mezo Shoji, Eijiro Kirishima , Mina Ashido, Toru Hagakure, Neito Monoma, Itsuka Kendo , Ibara Shiozaki, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, Juzo Honenuki , Mirio Togata , Nejire Hado, Tamaki Amajiki , Mei Hatsume, Nezu, Shota Aizawa, Hizashi Yamada, Inasa Yoarashi , Yo Shindo  are also some characters from the series.

Total Episodes and List of Episodes-

My Hero Academia season 3 has total 25 episodes. In the Series, the season 3rd is started with episode number 39 and ended with episode number 63. The Episodes list is given below –

  1. Game Start is aired on 7, April 2018
  2. Wild, Wild Pussycats is aired 14, April 2018
  3. Kota is aired on 21, April 2018
  4. My Hero is aired on 28, April 2018
  5. Drive It Home, Iron Fist is Aired on 5, May 2018
  6. Roaring Upheaval is aired on 21, may 2018
  7. What a Twist is aired on 19, May 2018
  8. From Iida to Midoriya is Aired on 26, may 2018
  9. All For One is Aired on 2, June 2018
  10. Symbol of Peace is Aired on 9, June 2018
  11. One For All is Aired on 16, June 2018
  12. End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End is Aired on 23, June 2018
  13. Moving into Dorms is Aired on 30, June 2018
  14. Create Those Ultimate Moves is Aired on 14, July 2018
  15. The Test is Aired on 21, July 2018
  16. Shiketsu High Lurking is Aired on 28, July 2018
  17. Class 1-A is Aired on 4, August 2018
  18. Rush is Aired on 11, August 2018
  19. Rescue Exercises is Aired on 18, August 2018
  20. Special Episode: Save the World with Love Is Aired on 25, August 18
  21. What’s the Big Idea is Aired on 1, September 2018
  22. Talk about Your Quirk is Aired on 8, September 2018
  23. Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 is Aired on 15, September 2018
  24. A Season for Encounters is aired on 22, September 2018
  25. Unrivaled is Aired on 29, September 2018
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Boku no Hero Academia in Manga –

My Hero Academia is the original series of manga comics. Manga Comics are superhero and ninja story comics of Japan. They have action and fight with some emotions and adventures stories. Kohei Horiko is The writer of the My Hero Academia 3. In The original Manga, the  My Hero Academia is adapted from the 70th chapter to 123 Chapter.

Trailer Teaser and Latest News About My Hero Academia 3 

The Funimation has Announced on March 5 2018 that My Hero Academia will be dubbed in English. Trailer of the dubbed season was available on the company’s youtube channel. The live broadcast of the dubb will be available for stream on the Crunchyroll a HULU. The Trailers and teasers are also available on Companies youtube channel. The last episode of my My Hero Academia  season 3 was telecasted on The Air on September 29 2018. There is no news available for the upcoming seasons of the series.

Games of the My Hero Academia 3 –

Many Games Are Designed on the series My Hero Academia. My Hero academia PC game is A Fighting game. My Hero Academia Batman, My Hero Academia Zombie Game, My Hero Academia Toy, My Hero Academia Arcade game etc. are the examples of the games based on My Hero Academia tv series. The games Contain action and fighting in them. These are liked bu the audience.

Conclusion on My Hero Academia 3 –

While everyone has a Special quirk but Izuku was a boy who was born without any quirk. He is Quirkless and that’s why Akatsuki Bullied Izuku. But Izuku adapted quirk for all. Students doing their training in the academy they’re they face the Life-threatening problem. They Trained very well there to conquer all problem and survive in the toughest situations. The season is over and the audience liked it very. as per the ratings, we can say that was an overall good season. With Great animation and great sound themes, the season entertained the viewers very much. The season and the show will be dubbed in the English as per their director and producer. The also given a demo clip of dubbed show on their youtube channel.

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