Here’s what you need to know about Android on Windows 11

Here's what you need to know about Android on Windows 11

Android is getting some form of support on Windows 11, but this is good to know about it.

Windows 11 is a really nice upgrade compared to Windows 10. If only because of the Android integration, Microsoft announced yesterday. Don’t jump into the air just yet, because you need to know something important about this whole combination of Android and the latest version of Windows.

You can’t just run all the Android apps you have on your smartphone on Windows 11. Microsoft uses the Amazon ecosystem to run apps on Windows 11. That means there is no support for the Google Play services. In practice, apps that can be found in the Google Play Store can’t be found and used on Windows 11. Some apps are also offered through the Amazon ecosystem, so it’s not that you can’t use them at all. .

The Android apps that you can run on Windows 11 come from the Amazon Appstore. If you are curious about what to expect, you should take a look in the Amazon Appstore. There you will find apps that will soon be compatible with the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.