Here you go…Apple Aim to earn 3X more from ads by putting ads in your apps.

now Apple There are more business expansion plans in advertising. From the normal income from advertising about 4 billion dollars. But after this, it aims to increase ad revenue more to tens of billions of dollars. Therefore, it means that this part of the income must be increased 3 times more than before. By the way to increase revenue is to prepare ads to appear on various apps as well. In this event, users are prepared to see ads on the screen continuously in the future.

Currently, Apple’s advertising revenue comes from only a handful of channels. It’s also included in the App Store search box, in the Apple News app, the Apple Stocks app, and ads during the MLB Friday Night baseball game live. Apple has tried to include sponsored search results in its Maps app search results. And after this, it may be expanded to include ads in Apple Books and Apple Podcasts as well.


And there are many ways that Apple will put ads to increase revenue. which he announced thatNow everyone will see more ads in the App Store. Because in iOS 16, it will allow ads to appear in the Today channel of the App Store and there will also be an ad bar at the bottom of the app information page.

I can understand why Apple is interested in adding more channels to eat as an ad. Because in the past 5 years, you will see that the trend of sales of Apple hardware products is less and less, so it has to make money. In other ways to add, such as various Ads.

And of course, the expansion of the business in the Ad side, it has to be criticized as usual. Especially before Apple hadissue rulesDon’t let app developers use tracking to track usage from mobile phone owners. which is considered a disruption of the advertising industry By citing reasons in terms of privacy itself…

But now it started to announce its own ad revenue increase. It is considered to exclude others in order to take over this segment of the market instead. Collect all, there is nothing left for anyone to go at all like this