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Convert MBR hard drive to GPT

Recent computers with UEFI Bios may require the use of a hard disk drive (HDD) or a GPT-formatted SSD. Microsoft says “Recording discs

W8F WF Windows8Easy computer tutorial

Convert GPT hard drive to MBR

Depending on the version of the operating system previously installed, it may be difficult or impossible to install a new version of Windows on top of it, despite formatting

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Find the part number of the hard drive or SSD

Any computer, fixed or portable, is equipped with a hard drive to house the operating system and data. When purchasing, only the full capacity

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Disk Management in PowerShell

More powerful than the command prompt, PowerShell allows complex scripts and supports advanced system features. It can be used to manage disks and

W8F WF Windows8Easy computer tutorial

Hide a drive in Windows 8/RT

For some reason you want a hard drive, drive (network or not) to be invisible to users of your computer or