Hard disk error repair with CHKDSK in Windows 11

CHKDSK or “fout controle” is a tool in Windows 11 to check for logical or physical faults on a hard disk. Chkdisk can be executed both via an app and via the command prompt.

About Chkdsk uit te voeren dient u geligtig te zijn met een administrator account. You can then Chkdsk the start via the Windows verkenner or via the command prompt Windows Terminal.

The primary function of Chkdsk is to scan the file system on a disk (NTFSFAT32) and check the integrity of the file system, including the metadata of the file system, and restore any logical errors in the file system that are found.

Hard disk error repair with CHKDSK in Windows 11

Run Chkdsk via Windows verkenner

Open the Windows verkenner. Click on “This PC” on the left. Then click with a right mouse click on the disk that you want to check for errors. In the menu click Properties.

In the properties of the disk, first click on the “Extra” tab. Here you can check a station for errors in the file system by clicking on the “Controller” button.

Perform error control

Is it displayed or the station op the fault checked dient te worden or niet. If you still want to scan the station for errors, click on the “Station scan” button.

If the fault is found, you can decide whether you want to repair the fault.

Station scan up the fault

Run Chkdsk via Command Prompt of Windows Terminal

Chkdsk is also a command-line app. You can run it in Windows itself or in a recovery environment like those advanced startup options. You can choose whether Command prompt of Terminal te start.

If you want to run a scan directly with chkdsk, enter the following command:

chkdsk <schijf-letter>: /f

verdebt u door de schijfletter van de harde schijf die u wilt controleren op fouten. The argument “/f” means “fix”.

The disc must be locked. Als chkdsk de schijf niet kan vergrendelen, verzichte er een bericht waarten u wordd begård whether u want to control the disk the following times when you restart the computer.

This can also be prevented by running the following command:

chkdsk <schijf-letter>: /f /offlinescanandfix

By adding “/offlinescanandfix” to the command, you ensure that the relevant hard drive is checked for errors when the computer is restarted. Your process is thus started just before Windows is loaded.

I hope you have been informed. Thank you for reading!

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